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The walk to Kanosha

An act of absolvement by presidential candidates
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It appears there is no description below this name and summary.
pashute, Sep 07 2020

Canossa https://en.m.wikipe...iki/Road_to_Canossa
[pertinax, Sep 08 2020]

Greggs https://www.greggs.co.uk/
All sorts of rolls filled ... [8th of 7, Sep 09 2020]


       Brevity is the soul of wit. Unfortunately it is also the soul of laziness and poor communication.[-]
Voice, Sep 07 2020

       OK, assuming "Kanosha" is a combination of "Kenosha" and "Canossa", who in Kenosha would play the role of Pope Gregory?
pertinax, Sep 08 2020

       Hugh Laurie of course - reprising his rôle as Dr. Greg House...
8th of 7, Sep 08 2020

       The Greg rôle, often seen on high street.
not_morrison_rm, Sep 09 2020

       Greg rôle, often seen on high street
not_morrison_rm, Sep 09 2020

       That's Greggs <link>, not Greg ...
8th of 7, Sep 09 2020


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