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true flag operation

A government control tool
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When ever people think the government is covering something up, they may engage in the following procedure.

A car is deposited in a small town. It is slightly on fire and looks like it has been in a car crash.

Inside are two dead people (who volunteered to be used for this after they have died. They are not killed for this or forced to join) who seem to have died in the crash. They have identification that proves them to be CIA or FBI.

In the car are falsified documents that prove the government covered something up.

The government denies but the evidence is so overwhelming the people cry murder with one voice in the mainstream media and a truly independant investigation is demanded.

Evidence found could indicate the CIA did 9/11 or contracts between the government and aliens that allow for abduction of citizens or anything else the conspiracy theorists shout about. Or pictures of [Xenzag] bending knee.

I would like political debate, but please keep it to a minimum in your annotations, they should be used mostly for comments on the idea. If you really want to get into it deeper, you can email me.

zeno, Oct 03 2006

alex jones http://video.google...389947&q=alex+jones
Inside job [zeno, Oct 03 2006]

Conspiracy Theories http://www.thesadba....com/conspiracy.php
Just say 'no'. [pertinax, Oct 05 2006]

Aled Jones http://www.google.c...?hl=en&q=aled+jones
Where he now? [zen_tom, Oct 05 2006]

overbaked http://groups.yahoo.com/group/overbaked/
Come over here and tell us all you know about Bush, 9/11, whether the government is criminal, whether the CIA is criminal, etc. [jutta, Oct 06 2006]


       I have added two films as links.
zeno, Oct 03 2006

       At least I tried but the link thingy only puts up one of them. Will try again later.
zeno, Oct 03 2006

       // would like political debate, but please keep it to a minimum in your annotations, they should be used mostly for comments on the idea.//   

       .....and if we don't conform, do we end up in the burning cars? Ok then, I've never been one to bend the knee to anyone, so let's get on wiih it. (starts drinking petrol at the bar instead of Guinness)
xenzag, Oct 03 2006

       Completely failing to see how this controls the government. And this idea is lifted straight from World War II, where it was very successfully used to mislead the enemy.
DrCurry, Oct 03 2006

       Most theoretical conspiracies lack credibility among non-fruit-cakes, because they are (1) too complicated and (2) too risky for serious people to contemplate.   

       This proposed meta-conspiracy is a good illustration of why not to believe in conspiracy theories.   

       First, the half-baked meta-conspirators (HBMC) would have to obtain FBI ID (and I don't think a tee-shirt reading 'FBI' would quite cut it) without being noticed or compromised in any way.   

       Second, the HBMC would have to forge convincing documents without leaving any evidence that forensic investigation could subsequently un-cover. (Though I admit that, if anyone could do this, half-bakers probably could).   

       Third, the HBMC would have to obtain suitable bodies, not just with the prior consent of their owners, but also without arousing the suspicions of friends or family of the deceased (even half-bakers have friends and family, right?).   

       If any of these steps goes wrong, then the idea backfires badly, in a very half-baked 'call ambulance, rebuild kitchen' sort of way. Even if they don't, then there's no easy way to predict, let alone control, what the resulting confused, angry mobs might do, or to whom. Bear in mind that they will include confused, angry, wrongfully accused genuine government agents.   

       See my standard link regarding conspiracy theories.
pertinax, Oct 05 2006

       Umm, so just what reliably paranoid conspiracy uncovering agency will get to run the body harvesting outfit? Moreover, what will this solve? If a conspiracy is uncovered, the conspiracy theorists will simply argue that this is but the tip of the iceburg in an even more complex and cabalistic conspiracy. If no conspiracy is uncovered, it is simply proof to the conspiracy theorists that THEY are really working hard to cover it up, and have infiltrated the true flag operation.   

       Either way, more cadavers in burning cars will be the result, and in America at least, the freeways are bad enough without every conspiracy prover in the world lighting a car on the freeway...
ye_river_xiv, Oct 05 2006

       like in "A Fistfull of Dollars"? To draw certain people out?
Zimmy, Oct 05 2006

       Yeah, I suppose you guys are right. I was just daydreaming you know?   

       Cause I've seen a lot of movies on the net lately and most are filled with circumstantial evidence, pretty stunning but nothing that would stand up in a court of law.   

       Then again, two thirds of americans believe JFK was not shot by Lee Harvey and that there was a conspiracy and the government does nothing. In fact the official story blah blah blah and nothing ever changes.   

       And the CIA has been proven, not just beyond a reasonable doubt like Mike Ruppert does, but actually proven, to have commited criminal acts like terrorist attacks and overthrowing governments and nobody does anything about it.   

       It makes my blood boil.
zeno, Oct 06 2006

       Pertinax, that was about the dummest site I have ever seen. Can't you do better then that?
zeno, Oct 06 2006

       And about the conspiracy theories. It is not much use to say Bush did 9/11. He probably didn't.   

       But there was foreknowledge by american government officials, intelligence agents and businessmen.   

       Neglecting to investigate is in itself a crime. So even if that was the only crime, the american government is criminal.   

       End rant.
zeno, Oct 06 2006

       //Can't you do better then that?//   

       Err... no. <Blushes>
pertinax, Oct 06 2006

       Thanks Jutta, sorry for ranting, couldn't help myself.
zeno, Oct 06 2006


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