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The whibble

Fight or flight?
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Among the very useful information in a self-defence course for women my wife recently attended, there was a particularly important suggestion: Carry a loud whistle to use when in distress to alert passers-by.

Now, I am not greatly versed in the intricacies of the human mind but there must be very few things more stressful than an ear-piercing whistle whilst being pursued by an assailant and even fewer things more relaxing and entertaining than watching soap bubbles floating in the air.

Enter the whibble: A brass whistle with a liquid soap container and a secondary air channel that uses some of the air to blow a trail of pretty, colourful and more importantly, relaxing soap bubbles. Now you can call for help at the same time as you reduce your stress level to make better decisions.

By the way, where is the Product: Soap bubble-Whistle category?

methinksnot, Mar 11 2006

Liner algebra http://synopsys.ww....ralgebra_course.pdf
In [jd]'s defence [methinksnot, Mar 12 2006]

Assassin Bubbles Assassin_20Bubbles
Roland's first day of Perihelion's present for Monica [methinksnot, Mar 14 2006, last modified Mar 15 2006]


       Cute, but provided it wasn't too windy you'd be leaving your assailant a very pretty trail leading right to you.
migennes, Mar 11 2006

       Well, that and the fact you are making a fair amount of noise with the whistle really.
But hey, at least you will be able to think clearly.
methinksnot, Mar 11 2006

       My friend has been using 'wibble' as an exasperated answer to challenging linear equation related calculations. I'm pretty sure it's just a squiggly line that continues on to spell out my name in cursive.
jellydoughnut, Mar 12 2006

       Welcome [methinksnot], have a seat. Have a bun while you're at it. This whibble is totally useless and I want to buy one.
wagster, Mar 12 2006

       //challenging liner equation related calculations//... perhaps "linear" equation?
zigness, Mar 12 2006

       I stand by what I wrote...um...and have changed it accordingly.
jellydoughnut, Mar 12 2006

       Thank you [wagster], just feeling my way these first few days.   

       Liner equations are all the rage, though. And more challenging than linear ones [zig] (you have les leters) linky.
methinksnot, Mar 12 2006

       I glad someone has finally blown the whistle on these annoying liberal soap-bubble blowing clowns who feed from the trough of public funding... Sorry, I got on a bit of a rant there. I feel much better now.   

       [migennes] , perhaps leaving a trail of bubbles wouldn't be such a bad thing if the bubbles were made using a soap which would sting when it gets in the eyes of the assailant. Then you'd have the double deterrent of the whistling and the stinging, which should cause most attackers to flee.
Canuck, Mar 13 2006

       //I think I hate clowns just a little more than mimes, but I'm not sure.// BrauBeaton, Feb 05 2005   

       'nuff said
methinksnot, Mar 13 2006

       Btw, that is one repulsive account name.
DrCurry, Mar 13 2006

       spots on glasses? (which victims wear more often than assailants)
sophocles, Mar 13 2006

       [Canuck]; have you ever seen a soap bubble get in someone's eye? If they're not trying, it's very hard. The bubbles, being rather light are pushed away by the air your body displaces. Inhaling one is easier, though, even on accident.
jellydoughnut, Mar 13 2006

       [jd], have a look at Assassin Bubbles by [UnaBubba] (link).
Watch assailants everywhere start being a lot more cautious.
methinksnot, Mar 14 2006


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