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Uglify yourself so people won't stare at your beauty.
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I'm a gorgeous person. I can't help it. Yet, whenever I walk around town people always look at me and I think to myself "Eeew, please stop looking at me! I am not here for your pleasure." If only there was a way to stop people from looking at me. Thankfully I have come up with a product called "uglify." It is a few pieces of easy to apply photo-real prosthetics that make even the most gorgeous fashionistas ugly as your common girl. Then people won't stare at you and you can go about your business. Oh god, people aren't looking at me. Why aren't they looking at me! Please look at me!
SpocksEyebrow, May 08 2005


       // I am not here for your pleasure" //   

       <Placemarker for possible retort> it's not that I can't think of one, it's that there are so many I just can't decide...
moomintroll, May 08 2005

       But you'll get fewer job offers and party invites...
Adze, May 08 2005

       You have come up with prosthetics, which make-up artists have been using for years?
fridge duck, May 08 2005

       Or anti-prosthetics, the existence of which are begged by the existence of prosthetics themselves.   

       Just as long as someone with a prosthetic arm doesn't shake hands with someone with an antiprosthetic arm.
Detly, May 08 2005

       Not really an idea; more like a note to self. Hope it works, though, so you'll be freed to systematize your thoughts.
reensure, May 08 2005

       I dont see how a different usage for something that already exists is not an idea? There are lots of inventions that were things that already existed and were repurposed..i just cant think of any... and no this product definitely isn't for me...
SpocksEyebrow, May 08 2005

       Many women dress down to de-emphasize their looks.
bristolz, May 08 2005

       I thought it was just my sense of humour.
po, May 08 2005

       I think the proposal is for an anti-cosmetics aisle in the drugstore.
phundug, May 08 2005

       I don't think it's a different usage to apply a facial prosthetic to one's face, though.
contracts, May 08 2005

       I think I was born with these devices.
Basepair, May 08 2005

       [basepair] i laughed out loud. I live in nyc and i see cute girls often, and I always see them making "I'm disgusted" faces...and I always wondered why. Now I've decided they are disgusted at the fact that people look at them, so I figured I would solve their problem.
SpocksEyebrow, May 08 2005

       AND another thing.....why do women look so annoyed when you actually read the increasingly complex philosophies printed on the front of their T-shirts? (This is a largely rhetorical question, isn't it?)
Basepair, May 08 2005

       //This is a largely rhetorical question, isn't it?)//so you don't want an answer? o.k. fair enough.
po, May 08 2005

       That's what a rhetorical question is, isn't it?
Basepair, May 08 2005

       I've never understood what the word "Juicy" means to be honest. I asked for a sample of juicyness once. It didn't go over to well.
SpocksEyebrow, May 08 2005

       Wasnt this baked by Sinead O'Connor when she became Shine-head O'Connor?
energy guy, May 08 2005

       The Lovely Sinead was making a point. I, however, comefrom the opposite point of view!. Don't be so vain!.   

       //AND another thing.....why do women look so annoyed when you actually read the increasingly complex philosophies printed on the front of their T-shirts? Basepair, May 08 2005 //
Because you are still staring at thheir breasts?.
gnomethang, May 08 2005

       [SE], another example that may qualify as bakedness would be the women who wear tight shorts to the gym, then tie a sweater around their waist to confound oglers.
normzone, May 08 2005

       Eh, thats just teasing... and, uhm, I'm really not as ______ as this thread would have me appear to be. I like sinead.
SpocksEyebrow, May 08 2005

       I'm pretty sure that people could really go off on a list on that "______".   

       From what I've heard, this was done in the film "The Princess Diaries". Apparently for the first half of the film, the star was made-up to look as average and unglamorous as possible.
hidden truths, May 09 2005

       alright. well I guess people could just use the adjustable smell ball instead.
SpocksEyebrow, May 09 2005


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