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Theatre Lazy-Clap and Inflatable Ovation

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I recently went to the theatre but I found the whole process of clapping to be rather tiresome. I propose a robotic arm on each chair arm that claps for you just above your lap area.

A dial will indicate the desired level of applause from 'gentle appreciative' to 'go you good thing'.

If a standing ovation is required a large human shaped inflatable will fill with air shooting off upwards from the chair between your legs to the balcony above - such that your own comfort need not be comprimised. An accompanying comical 'wizzz' sound will complete the ensuing melee.

benfrost, Oct 22 2005


       i dont know about you, but i wouldn't want anything swinging back and forth meeting each other right above myself especially at a quiet place like a theatre hall.
Wetlollypops, Oct 22 2005

       love it.   

       does the large inflatable thingy actually move you with it or does it merely erect itself from one's lap area?   

       would it make me look ridiculous?
po, Oct 22 2005

       it will certainly make you look ridculous but seeing as everyone else is doing it then it is ok.
benfrost, Oct 22 2005

       I think [benfrost] was the wrong guy to ask.
lurch, Oct 22 2005

       I trust his judgement ;)
po, Oct 22 2005

       Go you good thing! <triggers inflatale ovation>   

       To be honest, I saw the words clap and inflatable and Benfrost, and was expecting something completely different...
energy guy, Oct 22 2005

       I can't be the only one who read that as "inflatable ovulation."
Tabbyclaw, Jan 12 2006

       i think you can.
benfrost, Jan 14 2006


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