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thing that goes under watch that reminds people to be better parents

teeny disc goes beneath a watch listens to people raise their kids then vibrates or beeps if they are oopsifying
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I recently heard some people being rude to their kids

I figure they might mean well yet have kind of semiautomatic social responses If perhaps there had been a thing that could detect when a person raised their voice or used certain phrases near a child then vibrated or beeped the person might remember that they are voluntarily wearing this watchbeeper thing as a reminder to be a competent parent Perhaps Time to reconsider the rudeness

The actual technology idea here is that a little disc that could slip under a watch yet attach to the watch would be nonobtrusive automatically worn plus the person could skip abridging their fashion sense with a more visible device

beanangel, Jul 20 2010

For that smelly arm Watch_20band_20perfume
[zeno, Jul 21 2010]


       Keviiiiiin you little shit! If I catch you fiddling with my f*cking responsible f*cking parenting buzzer again I'll kick your f*cking arse the other side of f*cking tomorrow.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 20 2010

       i was going to fish this idea untill i read Maxwells annotation, which for some reason made me think of it as useful
ComatoseSheep, Jul 20 2010

       I.....I......I..... ..
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 20 2010

       Perhaps a shock collar...
RayfordSteele, Jul 21 2010

       Bun for the idea [+] ---- it brings the awareness of poor parental choices closer to real time... But, [MaxB] got me to thinking, what if you walk in on the kid and he is cussing like crazy at a location south of his zipper... might want to rethink the vibrator attachment...
Grogster, Jul 21 2010

       How about something that goes under the watch that keeps one's arm from going smelly. I don't think it exists and that would be a good product to make a million bucks if you're into that sort of thing. Just knock something together and get it into Walwart quick.
rcarty, Jul 21 2010

       Bun for the title, and bun for [Max's] anno, and for [ComaSheeptose's] support for Max's anno. The idea is a bit scary to me.
blissmiss, Jul 21 2010

       Now you just need a device to make bad parents wear this funky watch...   

       //Just knock something together and get it into Walwart quick.//
Oh come now!
Walmart staff don't smell that bad.
coprocephalous, Jul 21 2010


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