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Theft Deterrent Bike Cover

Lockable bike bag
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Imagine a bag with a zipper, big enough to put a bike in. You put your bike in, zip it up, lock the zipper, then lock the whole thing to a bike rack with a U lock. The material has a wire mesh woven into it so it cannot be ripped or cut with a knife. Even if the thief does succeed in cutting the bag, he would still have to break the U lock

The bag will not prevent some one with the right tools from taking your bike, but it will make it more difficult and less attractive; especially to the type of thief who is interesting in taking a wheel or seat as a form of mischief.

It will also allow you to leave all the easily-removable accessories such as your speedometer, headlight and water bottle.

AO, Apr 07 2003

Net bag for bags http://www.halfbake...dea/No_20Net_20Loss
sort of like this that proved to be baked [FarmerJohn, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

like this? http://www.cycleshell.com/
it _is_ a little heavy.. [ato_de, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Yes, I've never seen anyone standing while riding a bike.
bristolz, Apr 07 2003

       Course you have, they do it all the time.
The Kat, Apr 07 2003

       Another nice feature is that your bike is kept out of the weather.
phoenix, Apr 07 2003

       kids ride bikes standing up, bris. well they do here anyway.
po, Apr 07 2003

       //Yes, I've never seen anyone standing while riding a bike// Where's that sarcasm tag when ya need it eh, [bristolz]?   

       I have ridden with no seat - and no seat post. This would seem preferable to riding with no seat but the post still in place. Unfortunately, the quick release on my bikes removes the post as well as the seat (since it's used for adjusting seat height) so that doesn't work well as a theft deterrent.   

       How much do you envision this bag weighing and how much volume will it occupy when folded/compressed? I will have to carry it around on my bike after all.
half, Apr 07 2003

       Its weight and size would depend on how cut-proof you made it. There could be several models with differing levels of size and security.   

       For around-town use, I would be willing to carry something that folded to the size of a large shoe box and weighed 5 to 10 pounds.   

       [FarmerJohn] It’s a little like your net bag, but I was envisioning something that thieves couldn’t see into, which would further reduce the temptation, and also offer weather protection.
AO, Apr 07 2003

       I used to take the pedels off my bike. It still got nicked.
sufc, Apr 07 2003

       I like this. If you take any working parts in NYC, thieves will merely take the other working parts. You routinely see the pitiful remnants of bikes here, sometimes no more than a rusted frame, still firmly chained to some railing.   

       (The trick, btw, with bike locks is said to be liquid nitrogen: however complex, however tough the lock, it will simply shatter when frozen down and struck a hard blow with a hammer. So someone with a van can still make off with bike, bag and all.)
DrCurry, Apr 07 2003

       I solved the stolen bike problem by moving out of the city. That seemed to work pretty well. Now I leave the keys in my ignition and the doors unlocked all day.   

       My address is:   

wugah, Apr 07 2003

       I think this would be a great Idea even if it doesn't provide any real securty. I mean locks only keep the honest honest. If you put it in a safe and someone wanted it they would find a way to get it.   

       At least it would keep kids from stealing your water bottle just to throw it away at the next garbage can.
imburton, Apr 07 2003

       This has most of the appeal, and downside of a locking car cover. On the plus side, nobody knows how nice your ride is. On the minus side, everyone knows how much you value your ride.
ye_river_xiv, Jan 29 2008

       Best way to keep your bike is have a folding, back-pack bike. Take it with you...of course, eventually, I suppose, they would then just hi-jack it with you wearing it.
Blisterbob, Jan 29 2008


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