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bike sheet

keep your bike dry
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a very cheap, foldable, clippable bike cover that could be thrown over your bike to keep it dry. really cheap so they could get trashed or stolen and it would be ok. thin plastic can roll up really easily and clip right onto your bike frame.
kerryoco, May 22 2007

$11.49 cheap enough? http://www.amazon.c...Cover/dp/B000AO7GYO
People complain about too small, too flimsy. "Eeew, it's getting mud all over my mountain bike!" [jutta, May 22 2007]

UK source for various covers. http://www.ukbikest...og/BIKE_COVERS.html
[jutta, May 22 2007]

you could use a grill cover with your college emblem on it http://www.collegeg...com/sf/stores/1501/
[xandram, May 24 2007]


       So, a bit like a tarpaulin, but thinner, and maybe shaped so as not to flap around so much in the breeze?   

       A sort of anorak for your bicycle?
pertinax, May 22 2007

       Yeah, this is Baked. Make it spray-on, then it'd be half-baked.
DrCurry, May 22 2007

       I'm not sure it is baked - depends on what Kerryoco means by "very cheap". I think $11.49 or £9.99 is not cheap enough for you not to worry about its being nicked - just like bike lights or a pump.   

       Maybe "cheap" would mean, basically, an odd-shaped bin-liner type of thing: good enough to survive a few uses, but cheap enough to buy on a roll and throw away.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 23 2007

       welcome, kerry. nice.
po, May 23 2007

       The only part of a wet bike that I find objectionable is the seat. A shower cap would do that job quite well.
nuclear hobo, May 23 2007

       It is traditional in the UK to tie a plastic carrier bag over the bicycle seat. Oddly, though, it does not seem to the custom to remove the bag before cycling.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 23 2007

       MB: "like that only cheaper" is an automatic disqualifier for ideas here (see Help File under "me too").
DrCurry, May 24 2007

       //"like that only cheaper" is an automatic disqualifier// Fair comment. How about "like that only cheaper..and on a roll"?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 24 2007

       i've never seen anything quite like i'm talking about (obviously..) - i live in new york, so the theft issue is pretty key - the covers i've seen have been too expensive and bulky. you could buy a roll of what i'm envisioning like trash bags. they roll up in 30 seconds and clip around your bike frame. ideally you never have to carry your bike upstairs anymore. i HAVE heard these bags can actually TRAP evaporating moisture underneath though, which would defeat teh purpose
kerryoco, May 25 2007


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