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Therapy buddy

For that extra insight
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They say self knowledge is the hardest of all to obtain. But really, isn't it harder to know somebody else? Do we not make pictures in our minds about the other that are based on what we want them to be? So if I know myself I can better know my fellow humans? It is all very complicated and I would never presume to know myself or someone else completely.

Sometimes people go to a shrink because they have a problem with their self. They are often not the best judge as to what this problem really is, the shrink helps to define the problem and then gives advice on how to solve it.

Excuse me for simplifying. The whole going to the shrink bit is very complicated and difficult.

So it happened to me on more then one occasion that people told me in length about their problems, then told me about their experience with the shrink, and I was (to use an american way of putting it) left all like: "Yeah, that's fine, but why didn't you tell the shrink about that time you almost killed yourself?" Or "You don't think it is important to tell your shrink about the suicide note you carry around?"

So I propose therapy buddy. The shrink asks who you would like as a therapy buddy and then the therapy buddy tells your shrink why he/she thinks you are in therapy.

It might speed up the process.

In fact I suggest you ask your bartender to play the part. That's how I got the idea, because that's what I do for a living. And we bartenders are kind of like priests and shrinks anyway. We can listen and help.

zeno, Aug 08 2008

Everything...is going to be...all...right. http://www.mytherapybuddy.com/index.shtml
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 08 2008]


       Please advise on category.
zeno, Aug 08 2008

       You bartenders are waaaay better than priests and shrinks. You can listen and help AND serve beer.
wagster, Aug 08 2008

       Yesshh .... youre ourr besht... bestisht friend... in all the world ... you know that ? <HIC> ... We love you... you know... we bloody love you mate .... yesh ... <HIC> ... lesh .. lesh...lesh haveanotherbeer..... yesh ..... <HIC>
8th of 7, Aug 08 2008

       Customer: I'm just not sure what I'm going to tell my therapist tomorrow. Bartender: hey, Why don't you just show him this bill.
zeno, Aug 10 2008

       [-] Your initial premise: 'It is more difficult to know other people then ourself' collides with your solution 'Have a 3rd party relate to the 2nd party the problems of the 1st party'.   

       If you revised your premise to be, 'It is very easy for friends who are weary of your whining, to accurately describe your problems' then I would take away the bone.
mylodon, Aug 11 2008

       [+], and kinda baked. I was once going through a fairly rough time a few years ago and a therapist suggested that I bring a close friend along with me, for this exact reason. I don't know how often that happens but I wouldn't be surprised to find out it's fairly common.   

       It also played into mylodons anno, the patient might be quite willing to sit and mumble "i dunno", whereas a fed-up friend may be more likely to say "it's like this..."
Noexit, Aug 11 2008

       yes, this used to be quite common before the days of the internet. People used to pair up and help each other what was it called... "friend"
Voice, Aug 14 2008


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