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therapeutic escape room

teaches family or friends to work as team
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Each room has a preliminary and followup session, with each of the members understanding what needs to be corrected and how they should correct that so that they can bring out their strengths and add to the team. Each one gets to be a leader in turn but learns also to be a cooperating and attentive friend in all the sessions.

It costs more and takes much longer than the usual escape room, but is just as much fun, has its benefits, and is worth your while.

pashute, Aug 10 2020

Escape Rooms As Ideal Family Therapy Activities https://www.60out.c...prove-communication
[kdf, Aug 10 2020]

A therapist writes about escape rooms https://www.baltimo...uples-and-families/
[kdf, Aug 11 2020]


       Not a new idea (link), already promoted by escape room companies. Whether or not any certified therapists offer it as a treatment - I haven't dug that deep into the google sphere yet.
kdf, Aug 10 2020

       "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" Season 13 Episode 2 is about five people who fail to solve an escape room because they all need therapy.
sninctown, Aug 11 2020

       An early escape room story ...   

       “Five Characters in Search of an Exit”   

       Clown, hobo, ballet dancer, bagpiper, and an army major—a collection of question marks. Five improbable entities stuck together into a pit of darkness. No logic, no reason, no explanation; just a prolonged nightmare in which fear, loneliness, and the unexplainable walk hand in hand through the shadows. In a moment, we'll start collecting clues as to the whys, the whats, and the wheres. We will not end the nightmare, we'll only explain it - because this is the Twilight Zone
kdf, Aug 11 2020


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