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Theremin car alarm

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Make a theremin and use the whole body car as antenna. A potential thief will be rapidly dissuaded for a frightening rising tone of increasing volume and pitch as he/she approaches to the protected car.

Optional: play along the sountrack of the 'Psycho' shower scene

piluso, Feb 26 2016


       Was this not what theremins were originally invented for?
mitxela, Feb 26 2016

       I think originally they were wired to the refrigerator for use as a dieting aid.
whatrock, Feb 26 2016

       Good, especially if it takes the form of a bent coat hanger protruding from where the aerial would normally be located.
xenzag, Feb 27 2016

       The would-be thief, once he figured out what was going on, would become so distracted trying to play "Lady of Spain" that he would be easily apprehended.
smendler, Feb 28 2016


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