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Van Door Graff Generator

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It's a revolving door that operates a (admittedly low-speed) Van de Graff generator. Either the collector globe is directly above the door, or is removed at some distance and is operated via a long stretch of silicone rubber band.

Now, a very high voltage / low-current power source is not terribly useful, unless you want to run a negative-feedback security device on, say, a piece of statuary in the lobby of your fancy office building.

Sign on the statue: "Do Not Touch."

Recalcitrant visitor ignores sign.


Another sign near the floor, where it is conveniently visible to the now-horizontal visitor, says "Told you."

elhigh, Oct 11 2007


       Well, [+] because why not? Also, I have this mental image of a long-necked quadruped with a metal sphere for a head, and a static-producing rubber belt running between its head and its body. It's a Van Der Giraffe generator.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 11 2007

       [Max] - You forgot to actually vote. A common problem of mine also, by the way.
jtp, Oct 11 2007

       Ah. So I did. Rectified. My mind is wandering, and I'd quite like to see a revolving door that is actually mounted on a fine-pitched threaded axle. As more and more people come in, the door would slowly screw itself higher and higher, becoming unfeasibly inconveniently high.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 11 2007

       Surely touching this would be a van door gaffe?
sprogga, Oct 12 2007

       [Max], a revolving door that literally screws with visitors? Most excellent.
elhigh, Oct 12 2007

       The statuary could be a Venus De Milo statue with only certain private parts energized for the very recalcitrant types… This version could be titled “Van Door Graff Venus De Milo”. A built-in camera would make for excellent You-Tube fodder!
CwP, Mar 07 2008


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