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Thermostat Manager

For better Temperature management
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Thermostat Manager is software that lets users micromanage thermostat settings.

A network cable (or Wi-Fi) is routed to your home network for supporting models of thermostats. With Thermostat Manager you can actually use energy savings strategies if you work the same different days alternating weeks (M,T,F,S,U, then W,R).

You will also be able to select from the pull down the "home" comfort zone & "away" comfort zone that will turn on the heat if the temp drops to low OR the ac if the temp gets too high.

With a password, you can log on to an IP address & use a temporary override screen.

If something like this already exists, I'd be very happy for a link. (If it does I'm hoping it's under the $300 range).

Zimmy, Dec 01 2005

Democratic Office Thermostat Democratic_20Thermostat
[gnomethang]'s working on it, but it's not exactly finished yet... [wagster, Dec 01 2005]

Prolifix NT20e http://www.hometech...dules/therm.html#PP
$299.95 [Shz, Dec 02 2005]


       Didn't X-10 do this?
angel, Dec 01 2005

       Middle management?
normzone, Dec 01 2005

       I couldn't find a specific mention of ac/heat control on X-10's site, but I could only stand the pop ups for so long.
Zimmy, Dec 02 2005

       Programmable thermostats are quite baked; as is X-10 capable ones.
RayfordSteele, Dec 02 2005

       The only programmable thermostats I've been able to find are based on a normal work week. 7 day, 5/2 day, etc.   

       I think many medical field workers may have an alternating schedule that would require reprogramming the thermostat on a weekly basis, Thus the reason I haven't bought one yet.   

       (no need to worry, It's my wife that works in the medical field, not me.)
Zimmy, Dec 02 2005

       I was thinking of this for use in the Home.   

       [Pa`ve], Those lock boxes can be opened with 2 properly deformed paperclips.
Zimmy, Dec 02 2005

       Thanks, [Shz]. I was unable to find one the many times I've looked.
Zimmy, Dec 02 2005

       Yaaar welcome!
Shz, Dec 02 2005

       This reminds me of temping at the BT DQ exchange in Aberystwyth. The thermostat on the heating/air conditioning system was programmable... ... but only by modem from the Shrewsbury office.   

       Unfortunately, Whilst Aber DQ was a 24/7 operation, the Shrewsbury office was 9-5 M-F only.
prufrax, Dec 02 2005


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