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Work From Home Thermostat Feature

Default OFF for HOLD feature
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I am aware that there are all kinds of super fancy thermostats coming out now.

But this one change on older style programmable thermostats will save homeowners millions and save energy:

When a programmable thermostat is set to Hold Temperature (because, say, you are working from home today, and therefore set the temperature higher) -- it should revert to the Run Program mode, automagically, when the next stage of the program (i.e. the next time setting) is arrived at.

theircompetitor, Dec 21 2012


       really? haven't seen that, but I guess time to upgrade :)
theircompetitor, Dec 21 2012

       Heating controllers generally have a programme mode where you can set daily 'on' and 'off' times; pressing the override button turns the heating on if it was off, or off it was on, until the next programmed time. Hence, if you are working from home, it's only one button press to leave the heating on all day.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 21 2012


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