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Thermostat heater

Comfort assured
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Many households experience disputes arising from the settings of the heating thermostat.

Sometimes settings as high as 20C are demanded. This not only results in unnecessary expense, but can make the premises ridiculously hot.

Fortunately, BorgCo engineers have produced a simple and highly effective solution. Simply attach the unobtrusive device in a position below the thermostat and plug it in to mains power, then set it to the same temperature. A gentle flow of warm air will keep the thermostat happy and ensure a bearable environment is maintained.

8th of 7, Oct 14 2016

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       Directional radiant heater would be more energy-efficient than air heating.
pocmloc, Oct 14 2016

       I remember my dad carefully re positioning the thermostat fitted by a heating company. Obviously the company had cynically fitted the device in a silly location, probably in collusion with Big Gas. Sensibly, he moved it to a position directly above one of the larger radiators, while my mum was out... so as not to inconvenience her with trivial details. Here in the US, I find it necessary to artificially cool the lab thermostats in the summer. A paper towel wrapped ice-pack does the trick.
bs0u0155, Oct 14 2016

       [8th of 7] Does your device also have a thermostat?
wjt, Oct 15 2016

       Not as such, but the heat output is adjustable.   

       The procedure is to attach the heater in its desired location, then slowly increase the power until the thermostat switches off. This ensures minimum energy use but still prevents the thermostat from activating, which would waste even more energy.
8th of 7, Oct 15 2016

       I suppose if you attach the heater to the thermostat sensor and then bundle them in insulation you'd lose some of that unobtrusive quality.
caspian, Oct 15 2016

       Indeed. It's critically important for effective operation that the function and mode of operation of the device is non-intuitive; For this reason, it's labelled "Automatic Heating Booster".   

       This isn't exactly a lie ... it does emit extra heat, over and above the other domestic heating systems.
8th of 7, Oct 15 2016

beanangel, Oct 15 2016

       Cylon eyes!
wjt, Oct 20 2016


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