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truck ramps

to get past trucks busses etc
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I was stuck behind a bloody truck today. All trucks, busses and any other vehicle on the road that could impede my progress should be fitted with "truck ramps" that extend from the back to front in a smooth line that allow you to drive over the offending vehicle. Front and rear edges can be hinged and fitted with small wheels to keep them close to the ground. The driver of the truck can see through a small portion of the ramp that is made of mesh. And trams. I hate trams.
the dog's breakfast, Mar 09 2007


       should have called this the ramp rant ! + to ease your pain.
xenzag, Mar 09 2007

       I assume the ramps are only extended when the truck is parked?
nuclear hobo, Mar 09 2007

       How are ramps going to have enough clearance to be lowered when the road is congested?   

       (I'm assuming standstill traffic.)
snarfyguy, Mar 09 2007

       nup, ramps are always down, to allow free access for pricks like me.
the dog's breakfast, Mar 09 2007

       Why would you keep driving up and over? Couldn't you just perch up there and enjoy the free ride?
phundug, Mar 09 2007

       There is no such thing as a free ride. There would be a toll (or parking fee) required, collected electronically from an easy pass card.
nuclear hobo, Mar 09 2007

       (+) Just get over it.
jutta, Mar 09 2007

       What happens if the truck you're on happens to pass under a low-clearence overpass or actual toll booth? Also, I sure hope that railings would be included on the sides of the truck to prevent a bad driver from accidentally driving off the side and rolling over. But all in all, this idea is good. [+]
acurafan07, Mar 23 2007

       ... and tractors, I hate tractors.
FussyPedant, Mar 24 2007

       A side benefit would be that next time you are rear-ended by a truck, you won't necessarily be annihalated <sp> by the impact. Instead, you'd be gently vaulted into the air, to .. um. crash. down. helplessly.   

       oh. Maybe it's not such a good idea.   

       I also can't see many new, fragile-ly suspended, 1/2 inch-clearance vehicles being able to mount or dismount the ramp either. Hell, half the time you can't even mount a driveway ramp, let-alone a moving steel ramp.
Custardguts, Mar 26 2007

       I like the idea, and appreciatwe your pain, but my fear is that as I "over"take a double decker bus, it "over"takes a truck getting up to speed which "over"takes a truck slowing down to exit...   

       I hope the truck on the bottom has a really stiff suspension so we do not get tilty as he exits the highway.   

       But what a view!
cblunds, Mar 27 2007

       What happens when pricks like me intentionally stop for a free ride... right on top of the wire mesh the driver needs to see out of?
ye_river_xiv, Sep 30 2007

       Easy as pie [yon the river]. The offending vehicle (truck bus etc.) has brakes. It must slow to a stop until you, the rightful owner of the road chooses to disembark.
the dog's breakfast, Sep 30 2007


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