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Thorny catnip

And the world will be a better place.
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Cats get crazy around catnip. How does this benefit the catnip, given that the plants often gets fairly well beatup in the cat frenzy produced. I deduce that catnip benefits by attracting cats and keeping them nearby. The presence of cats likely deters small mammal herbivores. The cats might also eat large bugs which otherwise would feed on the catnip.

Initially I pondered genetic engineering possibilities for getting catnip essence into landscaping plants which otherwise would be devastated by mice. But even easier would be a catnip spray concentrate to hose onto your plants. Several benefits ensue: 1. Mice are disuaded from visiting your property. Those that do are eaten. 2. By spraying only on thorny plants, the cats will inevitably learn self control and discipline. Yogi cats will result. Yogi cats are suitable for many other purposes, to be dealt with in a seperate idea. 3. Spraying only on large, resistant plants (eg oaks) will not improve cat self control, but will reduce damage done to the landscape by addled cats. 4. The catnip spray will serve to distract cats from your sandbox, fence lizards, ferns or other cat-vulnearble landscaping you might have.

bungston, Jun 28 2004


       I like the Darwinian aspect of the idea;
BUT //Yogi cats are suitable for many other purposes, to be dealt with in a seperate idea.//? Are you implying lab cats that don't get mad any more when they are pinched and poked?

       Withholding vote until separate idea is presented.
kbecker, Jun 28 2004

       Not sure why this has only gotten fish so far. What's the downside? Eventually, after a few months, cats lose interest in catnip. This means that only cats new to the neighborhood or those that have newly discovered your yard will be stopping by, limiting the number of cats that would visit at any one time.   

       Hmm, maybe there are people who auto-bone anything containing the term "genetic engineering."
kevindimie, Jun 29 2004

       Why not just spray the mice with the catnip scent?
luecke, Jun 29 2004

       I recently watched a cat in joyful-torment over a leaf of catnip. It was mesmerizing. Would you deprive the world of this joy?
k_sra, Jun 29 2004

       They would have the same joy, but only on the inside.
bungston, Jun 29 2004

       This could be painful to a cat......
DesertFox, Jun 29 2004


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