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Thought Scrubber

helps extract the human from the idea for propper analysis
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remember when you could type text into a mac and the computer would speak in computer voice I'm sure you could still do this today .

i have started to notice that from time to time I check my thoughts by repeating them back inside my head in a computer voice.

I know that this sounds somewhat peculiar but I can't be the only person that experiences this.

This idea is a device or a series of devices enabled with the opportunity to speak an idea into it and it will then repeat it back to you in a computer voice as many times as you would like.

vfrackis, Jan 02 2010


       Early voice control tool kits on Windows always recommended that the system said back what you understand to have been said by a human in order to confirm it. Automated telephone systems do this kind of things with numbers and places.   

       For a difference voice to speak what you've said back, unless you are using an analogue voice changer, it would have to be parsed, digested and regenerated. I'm sure this could be done at the moment but only if you say what a given system expects you to say. So a system might be able to take orders for breakfast but be unable to discuss the merits of a good night's sleep to one.   

       For an example of this search for the results of someone trying to write the poem "Jabberwocky" into an early Apple Newton. It fails to handle the nonsense words.   

       I must admit that I've often had to abandon experiments with voice controlled computing because the system is often expecting an American accent, which I can't reliably muster.
Aristotle, Jan 02 2010

       So my idea could sound like it was being repeated by Stephen Hawking. How affirming! If the device could run the idea through Halfbakery, then the voice could be selected by buns vs. bones for a brilliant vs. doltish voice. However, then the thought would not be scrubbed, really.   

       I like the name 'Thought Scrubber'. I'm not numbered among the potentially 1's of people sharing this mental practice of yours and hesitate to go down that path, but, the device sounds like a blast. I'd like to get three or four of them going at once in a sensory deprivation chamber all saying the same idea, out of synch for 20 minutes.
Mustardface, Jan 02 2010

       hate to be a naysayer but vocal inflection using pitch and delay are congruous to written punctuation marks: they make what is often a potentially ambiguous string of words, into a parseable communication stream.
FlyingToaster, Jan 02 2010

       A written version is sort of baked, in the way many websites allow you to preview your comments before posting them, or emailing a message to yourself before sending it to the eventual intended recipient.
bnip, Jan 03 2010

       That computer voice inside your head is simply 8th of 7's wetwire uplink that controls us... Ohh I've said too much, sorry overlor! <BZZZTD! whump>   

       ....NO CARRIER...
RayfordSteele, Jan 03 2010


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