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Sony Spyman™

Ever wanted to listen in?
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How irritating is it when your on a bus or train and you can hear emanations coming from another passengers headphones?

You want to know what they are listening to, you can't just go over and ask them (unless you're a fruitcake, or some kind of special mobile music police that I have been hitherto unaware).

The answer is the as yet un-available Sony Spyman™ (Thanks to all for advice on little TM) Looks like a normal walkman/diskman, but incorporated a powerful directional mic that picks up the tinny beats, and comprares them with a large online database of possible songs.

The best way for the device to complete this analysis is probably to calculate the BPM of the music and then use this to refine its search. An extra function could be a fast search in real time of all local receveible radio stations, and comparision of their output with the spied-on beats.

Or maybe there's some other way of remotely analyisng and directly reconstructing the music your target is listening to. Eg monitoring the magnetic field around the target's headphones...

Zircon, Sep 21 2002


       I dunno. I usually just go right up to them and say "Hey, that's really good music - what is it?".   

       What's so bad about human interaction?
DrCurry, Sep 21 2002

       Well, now, [DrCurry], that wouldn't be very inventive, would it?   

       The spyman might usher in the advent of TEMPEST class personal stereos.
bristolz, Sep 21 2002

       Mainly I just want to listen out.
General Washington, Sep 21 2002

       I want one.
calum, Sep 22 2002

       Ssh, don't get too close to them.... they have Spytech! Try the character map™®, Zircon (start > programs > accessories > system tools)
Mr Burns, Sep 22 2002

       . . . or hold down the ALT key and, on the number pad, enter 0153 for ™ or 0174 for ® (at least on Windows machines).
bristolz, Sep 22 2002

       There should be more than enough RF emitted by the headphone cable for some analogue Van-Eyck phreaking.
BunsenHoneydew, Jan 07 2006


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