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Three Step Wipers

Better wipers
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These wipers would have two rubber blades, and between them a spongy material. The sponge would dispense the wiper fluid via a tube inside the wiper. This would clean the windshield better because rubber blades are really for drying things, not cleaning things. The two blades would eliminate water streaks. They would also keep the fluid inside the wiper so it doesn't obstruct a driver's view as much.

So, basically, the first blade dries the window, the sponge scrubs it with washer fluid, and the second blade wipes off the wiper fluid.

The installation would be the same as a regular wiper, with the washer fluid tubes connecting when you snap the wiper in.

-----, Nov 29 2004

(?) Illustration http://img46.exs.cx.../5922/wipers6bc.jpg
[-----, Mar 22 2005]

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       Wipers are normally ok, except when in freezing weather - how will your wipers cope with sub-zero conditions?
zen_tom, Nov 29 2004


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