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How many calories per tantrum?
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Bluetooth-enabled accelerometer/pedometer that measures the amount of calories burned by your typical foaming-at-the-mouth ankle-biter in the middle of a grand mal. Look at the exercise they get.

Up next, tantrum-a-cizing as the next exercise rage...

RayfordSteele, Jan 24 2015

Fitbit http://www.fitbit.com
[RayfordSteele, Jan 25 2015]


       My daughter threw such a fit once in the grocery store she would have blown off the charts of your caloric meter. She only did it once, and that was forever.
blissmiss, Jan 25 2015

       You've left a lot of development work unaddressed - snaffle? Or something crueler?   

       [Ray], step up, do the homework, and report back.
normzone, Jan 25 2015

       As a small child when I threw a tantrum I'm surprised anything near me survived. I was quite strong. I would end up hitting the floor with whatever appendage was near to it with sufficient force to propel the rest of my body off of it. I imagine I looked like a spinning top. On the other hand I wasn't particularly heavy, so that involved less calories than it may seem. In any case I would like to know how much energy it burned. Perhaps it can be deduced from the change in body temperature over time, modified by the amount the person is sweating? In fact I'm going to half-bake that right now.   

       EDIT: No I'm not. Between the caloric cost of water vapor in breath, the high caloric cost of evaporating water against the amount of unevaporated water lost to dropped sweat, and room temperature changes the formula comes up useless.
Voice, Jan 25 2015

       Development work? None really needed. All this encompasses is a name change from the Fitbit and an adjustment from adult calorie counts to child-size.
RayfordSteele, Jan 25 2015


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