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Utilize electronic scans made for security purposes in preventive medicine and other uses
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Much has been written about new airport security scanners that can see private body parts.

The data is currently being discarded, one would presume, but it could have significant, and potentially beneficial, impact on all sorts of initiaves, in both anonymized and non-anonimized forms.

For instance, while not necessarily alerting anyone on the spot, a note might be sent to you by mail that you should really see a doctor about something that came up on the scan -- remember the most times the scan is done while your passport or other identification is handy and your passage is likely logged already. (I'm aware that today such technologies use different wave frequencies from medical devices, but this is hardly a showstopper).

Or, on a lighter node, the goverment can use statistical data about whether its really winning that war against obesity, or an airplane manufacturer and airline can adjust their plane design based on the actual statistical distribution of their passengers.

theircompetitor, Dec 04 2008

Getting baked, it seems http://www.fastcomp...kin-cancer-detector
[theircompetitor, Mar 04 2011]


       [+] and airports could make a bit of cash by opening their scanners to non-flyers.
FlyingToaster, Jan 19 2012

       Comment moved from my redundant idea "Airport Health Screening"   

       So if you're traveling anyway, pay an exta $5 to have TSA print you out a report or email your data. Maybe set up a small clinic next to the security station for weighing and doing basic blood tests to make it a one-stop shop for your annual physical. If you follow the reccommended arrival time, usually you end up waiting in the terminal for a long time. This way you make use of that time, or if you got delayed, skip the physical and run to catch your plane.   

       For those that don't fly very often, airports could set asside times when air travel volumes are low to block off one lane of the security checkpoint to use specifically for health screening.
scad mientist, Dec 05 2013


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