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Tide based oil prospecting

Oil might respond to tides, so do acoustic oil finding at peak and least tides to locate flowing fluids of the right "reactivity" to locate non water geologic fluids
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Hydrocarbon as well as fluid minerals may respond to tides.  There are orbital source gravitometric images now.   From the satellite perspective an orbiting gravitometer could actually detect what would ordinarily be monthly peak or trough tides several times each 24 hours to find where liquid minerals were most mobile as well as most concentrated.  A terrestrial petroleum geologist might make two tidelike measurements a month yet an orbiting gravitometer could characterize the entire planets moving fluid resources several times every 24 hours.  you could even make two satellites, One moonside, the other opposite, the difference contributing to oil location information. As there are global gravitometric maps, just possibly this could find new oil reserves.

Further as a contrast enhancer, there may be a gravitometric standard tide object to creater higher quality imaging

beanangel, Jun 28 2017


       My understanding is that, given the several gazillion tons of pressure, oil isn't just sloshing around in some vast underground cavern with a gas-filled headspace over it. I believe that it is usually present within the pores of porous rock. If that's the case, it's not going to move, tidally.   

       However, I have every confidence that you wouldn't have posted this idea without checking that basic fact first, so I look forward to the link in the fullness of due course.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 28 2017


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