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witricity customized hydrocarbon reformers

newer electricity at a distance technology warms n wiggles the middle of the catalytic reformers that produce fuels from hydrocarbons at refineries, the nonelectricity unefficienncy becomes process warmth
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Witricity may be be of the names of the light up a lamp few hundred watts a few hundred meters away technology from MIT. I think it is called resonance coupled inductive electricity (RCIE).

The temperature profiles as well as material flows at a refineries catalytic reformer could be modified without moving parts with RCIE, if they get 5 or 10 percent better, thats a whole bunch of cheaper fuel. I think I have read that variations on "packing trays" basically places at a catalytic reformer where different masses of hydrocarbons condense as liquids to be piped away make 3 to 5 pct difference so being able to reroute material flows without piping might be even better.

Although RCIE may be only partially efficient, the thermal warming from the electricity at a distance process actually contributes to the process.

Its possible then that packing trays, like each "bubble cap" could be individually addressed, without moving parts, to move the gases n fluids around. Silicon around a unique high temperature metal antenna could creating a warming element, or with shape memory metal a bubblecaplifter or stationaryizer. The entire catalytic reformer at a refinery becomes an addressable 3d system.

It might even be possible to cover or uncover a catalyst with a witricity bubblecap, kind of like a foodservice person lifting a presentation lid on a platter, to do time or chemistry specific catalysis witout the catalyst putting up with the general environment

beanangel, May 11 2012


       "witricity": looks like it involves wiggling a magnetic field around... so how does that translate into reforming HC's ?
FlyingToaster, May 11 2012

       Can we have a new category?   

       technology: gobbledygook
UnaBubba, May 11 2012

       Don't be makin fun of Beanie now, there's gold nuggets in some of that gook.
I've no idea how to process them yet of course but I suspect the fault for that lies with me and not him.

       There's more gold dissolved in seawater than we'll find on land, too. That doesn't mean it's readily apparent, accessible, extractable or viable to remove.   

       Reading a [bean] idea is like trying to understand the Middle East Peace process after it's been made into a sort of Mediterranean-sized alphabet soup, translated into English from the original Cantonese, via Swedish.
UnaBubba, May 11 2012

       It's the word salad defense against MFDs.
ldischler, May 11 2012


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