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Tie Coat

A sports coat/dinner jacket made entirely of men's ties
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The design possibilities are endless.
The accompanying tie would be made of tiny doll men's jackets.
sqeaketh the wheel, Sep 08 2012

Many Colors Tie Coat http://www.google.c...75&biw=1024&bih=603
a la Joseph [csea, Sep 08 2012]

Coat of Arms http://cheezburger.com/6571875840
Related [csea, Sep 10 2012]


       I was hoping for a coat fastened at the top by a tie.
DIYMatt, Sep 08 2012

       [link] by [csea] proves it is a sort-of-good idea, if fully baked. Small minds think alike, I guess.
sqeaketh the wheel, Sep 08 2012

       :-( when people put themselves down I get the sads.
Voice, Sep 08 2012

       OK then, the truth - I think this is a wonderful idea, which popped into my head as I awoke this morning. I envisioned the ties woven into a square quilt-like pattern, with allowances for the tapering of each tie counterbalanced by alternating wide and narrow ends. I could imagine the triangular tie tips sticking out here and there making nice patterns. The implementation pictured in the link is a woefully poor example of the design possibilities, in my opinion. Yea for a great idea! :-)
sqeaketh the wheel, Sep 08 2012

       //I was hoping for a coat fastened at the top by a tie.//   

       Works well for my trousers.
Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 08 2012


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