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Wintertime Kickbacker Coat

A winter coat for summer-style kicking back
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In the summer we like to go to the local park and lie on our backs with our hands behind our heads, our feet crossed, looking up at the clouds or soaking in the sunshine.

Now we can do this in winter too, with the wintertime "kickbacker" coat. It has a muff in front that detaches from the belly with hook-and-loop strips (aka Velcro). When you sit down, rip the muff from the belly and reach up behind your head and lie back - the muff becomes your pillow.

The coat's arms are spacious, so you can easily then remove your hands from the muff/pillow (leaving the coat arms attached to the muff, you see) and cross your arms over your chest under the warmth of your coat for extra warming pleasure. Close your eyes and relax - the chill can't get to you.

globaltourniquet, Mar 14 2008




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