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WhatsThapp junk recognition app

when you want to know what on earth that thing in the attic is
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My mom left over tons of junk in great condition. Some very old. Some very new. For example a German Cleaningmaschinenschpulen that is used maybe for cleaning windows, or perhaps for creating Ozone bags or is that a package of vacume cleaner bags that nobody uses anymore? I have no idea. It comes with glass tubes and plastic bottles, or maybe that's a part of something else?

I want to know what I can do with it, and if I can sell any of it on the web, but first I have to know what I'm asking about.

This is where the WhatsThapp comes in. By taking a picture and searches Google, talks to ChatGPT, then does some of its own research and groups together the brown bottles and the green pipes telling me what this thing is called and how much its going for, or asks me to look at the bottom of the bottle for a little square label that actually is the key to finding out which build this old computer is and if it is still being bought by anybody, how much they would expect to pay for it.

When I show it glasses it asks me to put them on and read some numbers, so I can know what kind of glasses these are and from which year range.

etc etc.

pashute, Apr 15 2023

What is this? https://arstechnica...-roman-drop-spindle
[a1, Apr 15 2023, last modified Apr 16 2023]

r/whatisthisthing https://www.reddit.com/r/whatisthisthing/
The human version. Highly successful, actually. [swimswim, Apr 17 2023]


       I think 90% of what you want to do would come from Google Image Search (which you mentioned). But even with a lot more training training data it may still not be able to distinguish a dildo from a dealgan (link).
a1, Apr 15 2023

       Have you actually tried asking ChatGTP for factual information about objects in the real world? I have and the results are not pretty.   

       Also I believe there are Epistomological issues at play here, in that a plastic bag containing a selection of clear plastic tubes could have many different names or functions. Great philosophers have brain meltdowns trying to calculate the answer to "what is that thing"?   

       Also another thing: This is basically what professional archaeologists and museum curators do for a living, I have been reliably informed by insiders that many museum archive storage facilities have shelves full of carefully catalogued and numbered boxes containing items labelled "what is this?"   

       Your best bet is to photograph and list them item by item on eBay.
ITEM: plastic bag containing assorted glass tubes and plastic bottles, labelled "do not eat reg. no. 22878223" Starting bid: 0.99 ::See my other listings for more associated parts::
pocmloc, Apr 16 2023

       //..it asks me to put them on...//
Put them on your phone's camera, shirley?
Actually, that could be an app all of it's own. "Opticians Test App" or something.
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 16 2023

       How about identifying a nut and telling me it fell off my old washing machine, or a plastic bar that fell off or needs to stay with my fridge?
Voice, Apr 16 2023

       //How about identifying a nut//   

       I think we've already discussed the idea of guessing the identity of a fellow half-baker.
pertinax, Apr 17 2023

       Is there something wrong with my brain?   

       I looked at the title and thought this was going to be a suggestion for an image recognition app to automatically drop dick picks into the spam folder. was I the only one?   


       Those two things aren't in any way connected of course.   

       I just wanted to know if there was anything wrong with my brain and thought I'd ask while I was here.
Skewed, Apr 18 2023

       [Skewed], You're not the only one who thought that. Was on my mind with my earliest annotation and the link I posted.   

       But as you say, this does not help establish if there's anything else wrong with your brain.
a1, Apr 18 2023

       In an earlier, more innocent time, we'd just assume that "junk" referred to heroin.
pertinax, Apr 18 2023

       Oh how my English is lacking. Never would have thought junk has any other connotation.   

       Anyway, its like Facebook or Twitter but for people that want to acquire or get rid of junk, maybe for pay, maybe for nothing, and don't want to just give away this glass bottle that turns out to be an essential part of the untergibspnjitfahrblundert thingy that otherwise costs a mint but without this glass bottle is worthless.   

       It works of course with PEOPLE assisting each other and only then AI.   

       Putting on glasses and trying to read stuff is a pretty good way to assess what these glasses' details are. Did I spell it wrong, or is there another hidden meaning I'm missing in spoken English?
pashute, Apr 20 2023


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