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Timed Pet Door

Your dog/cat/ferret/tiger/bear can now go out to potty at appropriate times
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There exist pet doors which are access-controlled by radio transmitters in collars worn by the pets. But why bother with that, and also do you want your dog running around outside if you're not there, even in your own back yard or garden?

Also the collar can get lost or run out of batteries.

I propose a lockable pet door which is wirelessly controlled by a program on your computer, which unlocks the door only during the times you specify. Perhaps a buzzer can sound two minutes before the door locks again - dogs and cats are smart enough to learn very quickly that it is time to get inside or be locked outside.

Osomatic, Jan 26 2007


       I'd have to agree. The purpose of the proximity controls are that only my bear can get into the house, and not the unpleasant grizzly from down the street, or perhaps more importantly, any nearby burglars.
hidden truths, Jan 26 2007

       //Perhaps a buzzer can sound two minutes before the door locks again//..and when you get home from work the house is full of stray cats and dogs and the odd badger or two that can't get out.
skinflaps, Jan 26 2007

       I like this idea. We keep our animals in at night to reduce the chance of them becoming a tasty snack for some mangy coyote. This could reduce my time spent opening and closing doors. Maybe the timer could be used in combination with the RFID/proximity chip. As for the computer timer...In the event that work or play keeps you away, maybe you could use your web browser to release your bowser.
Salted Nuts, Jan 26 2007

       Of course, my trained mouse rides piggyback on animals going into pet doors and once inside it unlocks strategic windows for my easy entrance.
JSand, Jan 27 2007

       [+] if the buzzer speaker instead plays the noise of the (full) door opening, it would attract your pet (if it wants in) and tell it which door is open, while shooing away other critters.
FlyingToaster, Nov 20 2009


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