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Unwanted prey detector

Keep out your pet's outdoor acquisitions
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All righty then. Let's say you have a dog or cat (or iguana) door and your pet brings in things that it has caught. Make two scales and an automatic door and a small computer. Put one scale on the inside of the door, and one on the outside. The pet is weighed before egress, and the weight noted. When the pet wants back in, if it weighs, say, 3 ounces more than it did when it went out, then the door won't open for it because it probably is bringing along some undesirable rodent or snake or bird, dead or mauled. Or perhaps (perhaps a grosser idea yet) it has eaten some objectionable thing that it might later barf up on the kitchen floor.

This could be a simple thing to do for a one-pet household, but if there is more than one, it'd be more complicated.

DukTape, Oct 01 2005

"Flo Control" http://www.quantump...rol/flo_control.htm
A different approach to the problem. [half, Oct 01 2005]


       Have you ever seen the camera and image processing system that the guy set up to control his pet door by visually identifying his cat and detecting whether or not the cat is bearing gifts? (see the link that I've posted below the text of your idea)
half, Oct 01 2005

       I've never seen that before, but it's great! From looking at the pics for several days, I notice that if the cat's head is turned wrong, she doesn't get to come in. I suppose she just takes another run at it in a few minutes. Interesting.
DukTape, Oct 01 2005

       what if it is raining out and mittens wishes to get back inside?
ericscottf, Mar 04 2008


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