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Tinfoil-lined hats

Because fedoras are more fetching
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It's hard to get dates when attempting to protect your mind from scheming people with mind-control or mind-reading devices.

Specifically, wearing a tinfoil hat as a prophylactic against such conspiracies is not always the most popular fashion statement, regardless of efficacy. Seems that all the cuties are in favor of men who are susceptible to all sorts of dastardly rays.

So, a line of hats made specifically with four-ply tinfoil glued within the crown. Extra plies extend the lifespan of the hat; the outer shell makes the fedora, ballcap, or sombrero seem stylish while maintaining its ability to fulfull its real purpose.

Inspired by [Treon]'s "Tinfoil Hat Liners" (link)

shapu, Sep 13 2007

Tinfoil Hat Liners Tinfoil_20hat_20liners
[shapu, Sep 13 2007]

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       Ah, but can you be sure what might not be hidden inside a mass-produced tinfoil-lined hat?
Ned_Ludd, Sep 13 2007

       I suppose the truly paranoid could always add their own layer as well, but frankly, that seems redundant and a bit silly.
shapu, Sep 13 2007

       Could you make them Kat shaped?   

       BTW the inspiration should be credited to Po
The Kat, Sep 15 2007

       [Po]'s annotation came on september 13th, my idea was posted the 12th.   

       My guess would be that she failed to read my idea...most people are wise enough to know by now to avoid my stuff.
shapu, Sep 17 2007

       are you in the same time zone though? :)
po, Sep 17 2007

       I wasn't aware time zone had anything to do with it - I thought it was system-time oriented.   

       I'm in US-Central.
shapu, Sep 17 2007

       no idea, I got quite confused myself after writing that. something like: September 13 arrived here earlier...   

       <going for a lie down now in a darkened room>
po, Sep 17 2007

       <hands [po] a pad of emboss-ruled paper>
k_sra, Sep 17 2007

       <wipes brow> thanks.
po, Sep 17 2007

k_sra, Sep 17 2007

       //I got quite confused myself after writing that. something like: September 13 arrived here earlier...//   

       <English narrator voice> And now the scene where [po] channels [Yogi Berra]...</env>
shapu, Sep 17 2007

       you're smarter than the average baker! oh, berra...
po, Sep 17 2007

       Ok, sure, but what happens when you take your hat off at dinner? They're watching, you know. They'll see you exposed and unprotected, that's when they'll get you. Better to use a tinfoil lined hairpiece. The beams never rest.
Noexit, Sep 18 2007

       Surely cosmetic surgery has advanced to the point where you can get tinfoil implants for your scalp?
hippo, Sep 18 2007

       Really, you just have to remember to shout "Go away! Leave me alone! Go away!" repeatedly, inside your head, when the tinfoil hat is off.
Harry Mudd, Sep 19 2007

       A long protracted "Aaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgghhhh!" works similarly well.
zen_tom, Sep 19 2007

       If this idea will make my sombrero seem stylish, I'm all in favour.
English Bob, Sep 19 2007

       Your sombrero has, is and always will be stylish.
theleopard, Sep 19 2007

       Can I get mine as a trefoil tinfoil?
qt75rx1, Mar 13 2008

       Great for those living proximal to a cellphone repeater! Although I might choose a foil-lined hoodie over a hat, +
afinehowdoyoudo, Mar 13 2008


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