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Title Lock

A way to quickly scroll down a thousand lines of a table, but immobilize the column and row titles.
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Always the same mess, only the URLs are different. Arrive at a webpage that has twenty columns and 400 line entries, so naturally what you want to see is the last entry (I should've been born with the last name Zxyyz).

Trouble is, the column descriptors have vanished into the great above at the "Top". The line descriptors are often out of the frame to the left.

I'm beginning to better understand the HB 'spreadsheet operating system' idea. It would be nice to have a way to lock the titles to HTML tables and navigate within, like an #R;#C spreadsheet database.
reensure, Feb 26 2001

Spreadsheet OS http://www.halfbake...ea/spreadsheet_20os
Seemed like a good idea at the time [reensure, Feb 26 2001]

HTML 4 Tables http://www.w3.org/T.../struct/tables.html
<THEAD>, <TBODY> and <TFOOT> row groups. [bookworm, Feb 26 2001]

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       I'm surprised more browsers don't support this; any reasonable GUI word processor does, these days. You can simulate the effect poorly by opening two windows on the same document, of course...
egnor, Feb 26 2001

       I guess I could drag to my desktop pad, with the browser window reduced in size. Kinder than two+ windows.
reensure, Feb 26 2001

       This is already supported in HTML, though I imagine Internet Explorer gets it wrong ("what? You mean you can use tables for tabular information, and not just layout?!"). Don't know if Mozilla's implemented it.
bookworm, Feb 26 2001

       Isn't this called 'frames'?
StarChaser, Feb 26 2001

       This is not already supported in HTML. TH cells have been supported for a long time, but there has never been a requirement to render table data with scrollable content and locked headers. Most agents just render the TH cell in bold. This is not to say that a browser couldn't render tables this way, but so far, none of them do.   

       While you could approximate this effect with frames, iframes, layers, or whatever, you shouldn't have to.
francois, Feb 27 2001

       "[U]ser agents may exploit the head/body/foot division to support scrolling of body sections independently of the head and foot sections."   

       It's baked in HTML, even if a given user agent doesn't implement it.
bookworm, Feb 27 2001

       I guess it's just easier and less risky to pour data into a template and sacrifice the functionality. Certainly there are ways to intersperse the data fields into continually visible context (hovering headers, alternate text for all data fields, and command line reference displays come to mind).

My only concern with the obvious here is that reading comfort is sacrificed.
reensure, Feb 28 2001

       Now that you've changed the link, bookworm, your claim make more sense.   

       Still, it's difficult to argue that an informal recommendation in the HTML specification is equivalent to bakedom.
francois, Feb 28 2001

       Still sounds like frames to me...
StarChaser, Feb 28 2001


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