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To Wear, Or Not To Wear

A bit of a label fashion sense
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You go to the store, and the salesperson picks out matching suits, shirts, ties and other outfits.

But, as said products disperse throughout your closets, you inevitably lose sense of what goes together with what else -- or so your companion tells you.

This label encoding scheme would enhance the traditional size and cleaning instructions with a code to help one dress properly.

Designed with sufficient flexibility, this code can support rebels as well as slaves of fashion, matching or mismatching colors, styles, designers and other important attributes.

A handy calculator accessory can be sold to display a scale of appropriate wear for those that cannot do boolean logic or barcode manipulation in their head.

A web portal maybe added to put your selection to the test of major designers and celebrities. What does Madonna think about your outfit. Versace. etc...

theircompetitor, Dec 03 2005

Ha! Garanimals for grown ups (wish) http://www.thehoney...tml/garanimals.html
You may be on to something marketable. [Shz, Dec 04 2005]


       I guess there really is no hope for some people...
DrCurry, Dec 03 2005

       ...all with the wrong neck size. ;)   

       [tc], admit it, you miss your Garanimals.
Shz, Dec 04 2005

       Well, Shz, sadly, when I was growing up we all did wear the same clothes, but it was white shirts and red neckties. So no knowledge of Garanimals until now.
theircompetitor, Dec 04 2005


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