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rewritable clothing

Use your clothing as a portable whiteboard or blackboard.
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How often have you found yourself without a suitable piece of paper to note your latest ideas on? Here is a solution making use of a surface that you will usually be carrying anyway - your clothing. Wear clothes with a rewritable whiteboard finish; carry dry-wipe markers (which can be built into the clothes, for instance as toggles, to ensure you have them on you); and never again will you be without writing materials. (Unless you are naked: then you'll just have to write on your body, and having the marker pens on you may be more of a problem.)

The whiteboard version of this idea will suit bowlers, cricketers, croquet players etc, who wear predominantly white clothing anyway. For those who don't want to wear white there can be a blackboard version - but preferably using something less messy than chalk.

As well as writing your ideas, and any other information such as phone numbers that you want to record while you are out, you can use your rewritable clothing to change your appearance at will - for aesthetic or camouflage purposes or to communicate with people around you.

Grim Fun Scenes, Jul 30 2009

im in ur ____ _____ing ur _____ Shirt http://www.thinkgee...nisex/generic/9505/
Similar to what is being proposed, although with a different purpose. [nick_n_uit, Jul 30 2009]


       strangers would come up to you and annotate your ideas...
po, Jul 30 2009

       Strangers annotating my ideas? Great! If I like the annotations, I can keep them; if I don't, I just wipe them off. A hi-tech implementation would let you prevent annotations with other people's marker pens (if you so chose), by using a personalised surface compatible only with your own personalised markers.
Grim Fun Scenes, Jul 30 2009

       camera phone for archiving copy.
wjt, Jul 30 2009

       you'd need pockets for your buns (stop sniggering - I know who you are) and your bones (I said stop it!)
po, Jul 30 2009

       <ah-ah-a-hem> I wasn't sniggering <smirks>   

       Nice idea - makes me think of some t-shirts I have seen that use velcro-backed letters which can be attached. What if the garment was ferro-magetic? You could use those colourful fridge-magnet letters.   

       Failing that, how about wearing one of those awful 'Global Hypercolor" shirts and using a pen with a heated tip?
Jinbish, Jul 30 2009

       personal space issues
pertinax, Jul 30 2009

       Your writing would get erased as you brush against things. I like [Jinbish]'s magnetic version - you could use individual letters and an appropriate refrigerator poetry set (a very strongly magnetic one).
ryokan, Jul 30 2009

       (sniggers, snorts, coughs)
normzone, Jul 30 2009


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