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Toast Schedule

I thought I'd already seen an idea slightly like this, but I searched and was unable to find it.
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first, part one, the toaster. Working on the same principles as a bubble jet printer, a branding iron and that thing with blunted nails through a borad that you try to get an impression of your face in but invariably get your nostrils caught, tiny heated elements are pressed into the bread to sear specific patterns, messages, and even simple graphics onto the slice.

The toaster's user interface sits on the counter a short distance away, and consists of a simple calendar program that you can type in important dates and what happens on them. Then, the message is converted into an impulse that wires the tiny elements to push out or pull away. the program reprograms for the new day every morning at 1:00 am (statistically proven to be the time with the least early risers and midnight snackers).

the idea is that if it's anyperson's birthday, your toast will read "Happy Birthday Anyperson". Kinda like those email birthday coordinators. Not guaranteed, if you skip breakfast or decide you'd really rather have cheerios.

Again, is this idea has been up here before, let me know. I think this is a variation on whatever that was, whatever it was.

makes me wish that bread had a better resolution. if it did, you could hook it up to an internet newws service and have the headlines on your breakfast.

schematics, Jan 18 2005

Toast Text Messaging Toast_20Text_20Messaging
This was the HB idea you remembered.
(ps Jutta, you mean "Brunel", not "Brunei")
[hippo, Jan 18 2005]


       If you need a bit higher resolution than bread, try Sara Lee pound cake. (+)
robinism, Jan 18 2005

       ........thought this was going be about arranging a round of witty quips and drinks in an orderly manner.......
normzone, Jan 18 2005

       "...and finally, might I suggest marmite and cheese on me this morning?"
wagster, Jan 18 2005


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