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Toasted Ducks

make toast, then duck
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The idea is called Toasted Ducks because the bread required to realise its full potential comes in special duck outline shaped slices. These are loaded into a modified toaster that shoots the duck slices high into the air when their appointed time is complete.

The second part of the idea is now initiated - that being the paintball gun, which enables you to fire butter blobs at the flying toasted duck slices instead of the usual pigment filled projectiles.

Naturally the average kitchen requires a special area where near misses splat harmlessly against an easily cleaned backdrop and the bread can fall unto a sterile surface ready for breakfast consumption. A little extra spreading of the butter hits using a knife is obviously going to be necessary once the bread is on the plate.

De-lux version features secondary marmalade cartridge gun.

xenzag, Mar 28 2014

Wallace and Gromit https://www.youtube...watch?v=mk6zbY8i4_8
Jam instead of butter [RayfordSteele, Mar 28 2014]


       You've been watching Wallace and Gromit again, haven't you?
RayfordSteele, Mar 28 2014

       This would be fantastic if the duck maker was on one side of the room, and the table on the other. The pull would have to come randomly, when training mode was off.   

       If you wanted, you could even fire .22 shot at the ducks. It doesn't do that much damage. (I used to hunt rats with .22 shot, and once accidentally shot my cupboard door, and all that happened was the pellets embedded in just the upper 2mm or so of the door. It's almost harmless.)
skoomphemph, Mar 28 2014

       //You've been watching Wallace and Gromit again, haven't you?// Actually no, but I suppose it would be perfect material for them.
xenzag, Mar 28 2014

       one bun, unbuttered
not_morrison_rm, Mar 28 2014


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