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wanna argue web site

24 hour argumentive sparring
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a web site for all those people who love to argue about whatever, but hate when they can't find anyone willing to engage with them. A 24/7 with real live peeps in a chat one on one or mulpitple person chat setting with argumentive agents fully trained in the art of argumentive sparring.a one time per year membership fee to gain access with no rules against profanitie, complete freedom to express your most twisted ideas and have someone try to bash them to pieces, only for those who are completely bored or have way too much free time. I was also thinking optional one on one with trained pros or you could choose the community chat bashing room where you can just argue it up with anyone in the room---- a total free for all.
Ozzy, Nov 14 2006

Socrates argument clinic http://www.mindspri...fpatton/sclinic.htm
I'm sure you've seen it before. [Ling, Nov 17 2006]

The classic sketch. Sorry, I love reading this every now and then. http://www.mindspri...mfpatton/sketch.htm
Maybe it works better when you have seen the real thing. [Ling, Nov 17 2006]

Jabberwacky http://www.jabberwacky.com/
You can have an argument here. [Ling, Nov 17 2006]


       I'm thinking Monty Python...
zen_tom, Nov 14 2006

       //I'm thinking Monty Python...// no, you're not.
po, Nov 14 2006

       What is a peep?
angel, Nov 14 2006

       A chick-shaped marshmallow. Sold just before easter, but best eaten stale.
jutta, Nov 14 2006

       Thanks. Must be a US thing. We don't have them in England. I feel so deprived.
angel, Nov 14 2006

       No peeps? Then why do you have microwaves?
(since you haven't seen it: a peep in the microwave balloons to enormous proportions. Great fun.)
lurch, Nov 14 2006

       We have microwaves for 1) thawing frozen bread, b) making scrambled egg, and iii) entertainment when there's nothing on TV and we've already done the laundry. We tend not to use them to dry pomeranians (although I would, if I had a pomeranian).
angel, Nov 14 2006

       Microwaves are great for baked potatoes, also.
Zimmy, Nov 14 2006

       I can see you guys are in need a web site such as this. =-)
Ozzy, Nov 14 2006

       Oh, yeah, I'd forgotten about baked potatoes.
angel, Nov 14 2006

       //I can see you guys are in need a web site such as this. =-)//   

       What would make you say something absurd like that?!   

       ((just testing the concept!))   

kdmurray, Nov 15 2006

Ling, Nov 15 2006

       What no? I disagree!
jmvw, Nov 15 2006

       Well you're wrong.   

       Says you.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Nov 15 2006

       ok so your proposing a pre taste of marriage, why would i want to pay to argue with someone, when my wife verbally abuses, argue's, and generally disagree's with everything i ever say, for free oh and dont forget the in laws....er....pointless
Stork, Nov 15 2006

       //wife ... disagrees ... for free//
either you're not paying attention to where the money is going, or she has a reason
lurch, Nov 15 2006

       You're all wrong. Have a pineapple.
moomintroll, Nov 15 2006

       Thanks, but it won't fit in the microwave.
angel, Nov 15 2006

       yeah your wife argues for free but I bet she stops argueing when you start to win or she hears something she just doesn't want to deal with I know mine does, this web site would give you the chance to fully vent your complete argument and maybe gain some insight to a resolution, I think the trained staff should also allow some anwsers or advice on how to resolve certain issues if the customer requests.
Ozzy, Nov 15 2006

       These are not the pineapples you are looking for.
Zimmy, Nov 15 2006

       So... the trolls would be there agreeing with everyone and trying to make peace?
david_scothern, Nov 15 2006

       I think some of you guys could use a something to Diss on web site
Ozzy, Nov 15 2006

       This kind of describes the internet as a whole, doesn't it?   

       These argumentative types tend to end up standing in a corner (figuratively) on any site and just duking it out. They never seem to have any trouble finding each otehr under the current system either.
GutPunchLullabies, Nov 15 2006

       I don't get it. You're already here.
blissmiss, Nov 15 2006

       The one thing that makes arguements appealing is the desire to confront someone with an issue who would rather not deal with the opposition. If two people came to argue for the sake of arguing they would end up agreeing to disagree. No fun in that. However, let's say that one of your relatives got involved in one of those marketing pyramid scams- As soon as you tell him that he just got brainwashed, the argument begins! Arguements are good only when someone is convinced that they are right about something and they are not expecting someone to tell them otherwise. If you come to the table in expectation of opposition, you have already decided that you are right and nobody can tell you otherwise. BUT if you are surprised by a good counter point, you will yell and defend your position at any cost.
Jscotty, Nov 16 2006

       Oh no I won't.
Murdoch, Nov 16 2006

       Oh yes you will.
Jscotty, Nov 16 2006

       as long as the live peeps speak English
abhorsen1983, Nov 16 2006

       They can't speak; they're chick-shaped marshmallows.
angel, Nov 16 2006

       you see I already have this sight up and running right here and you guys are arguing for free!!
Ozzy, Nov 16 2006

       yes, but do the chick-shaped marshmallows speak English or Engrish?
abhorsen1983, Nov 16 2006

       Not to be a tattle tale, (sp), but this is stupid.
blissmiss, Nov 17 2006

       Oh no it shouldn't.
Murdoch, Nov 17 2006

       No it isn't.
jtp, Nov 17 2006

       Take your pick(le).
jtp, Nov 17 2006

       Hey! How'd you do that?
Zimmy, Nov 17 2006

jtp, Nov 17 2006

       I disagree.
jtp, Nov 17 2006

theleopard, Nov 17 2006

       What [theleopard] said.
jtp, Nov 17 2006

       I agree. Oops.
jtp, Nov 17 2006

       Hmm... aparently HB has already baked this. :P
kdmurray, Nov 17 2006

       i wonder if the game is on yet...[leaves discussion]
abhorsen1983, Nov 17 2006


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