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Toddler Bobble Finder Flag

Keep track of that wandering toddler
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My in-laws have a wayward two-year old that keeps wandering off. For example, the neighbors found her in the front yard. Currently we're at the beach and she's liable to head off into the dunes...

If there were some kind of helmet with a three foot mast on top and a little orange flag it would help us keep track of her. I'm thinking of something like the little orange flags on the back of bicycles.

lingamish, Aug 07 2006

try this http://www.giggle-bug.com/
[xandram, Aug 07 2006]

My own very wonderful illustration http://koostick.blo...ou-like-my-hat.html
I know I'm not an illustrator, but this picture is pretty terrific. Do you like it? [lingamish, Aug 08 2006]

Kinderguard GPS/biometrics for kids http://www.kinderguard.co.uk/
It makes having overprotective parents fun again [jellydoughnut, Aug 13 2006]

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       Oh, what a great link. I wish they could make it look more like the Star Trek brain slugs, but it's getting there.
jutta, Aug 07 2006

       I like your idea better than the giggle bug. That's gotta freak out the poor child.
moomintroll, Aug 07 2006

       Giggle Bugs! They're everywhere. My brother-in-law suggested a zap collar, but he would, he's the father of the wanderer.
lingamish, Aug 07 2006

       This mast you speak of would have to be non-conducting, in case the wayward child wandered under lowly-slung electric wires. Lightning could be problematic as well.
Texticle, Aug 08 2006

       Once I let my three year old out of my sight and found him six months later, peddling drugs in Morocco.   

       What of uneven terrain? If the toddler winds up in the trough of a dune? Telescopic pole?
jellydoughnut, Aug 11 2006

       Like father like son, I guess.
DrCurry, Aug 11 2006

       [xandram], well intended, but possibly leading to deafness and trauma.   

       "The Giggle Bug unit will emit an 85 decibel "beep""   

       85 decibels?
normzone, Aug 11 2006

       hey, I didn't invent the thing, I just found the link. Myself, I don't care for many of *modern* technology ideas. I hold the hands of children very tightly.   

       (later) I never said that [lingamish]'s wasn't a cute idea, but for it to be practical, each child would need a different color, or their name on the flag, or something to distinguish them from each other. Have you ever been at the beach, or in a mall, when a child yelled "Mom"?---about 200 heads turn to look if it is their child. My own daughter is grown up and I still look! In the same way, if there were 20 kids with orange flags, it would be chaos.
xandram, Aug 13 2006

       There's a GPS wristband on the market called kinderguard I think. I'll try to find a link...
jellydoughnut, Aug 13 2006


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