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velcro babies

stick babies on wall with velcro
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Babies crawl around and get in the way. A simple way of storing them, e.g., in a creche, would be to put them in little waistcoats, like lifejackets, with velcro on the back, then have velcro pads on the wall (maybe in rows). The babies could then be stuck out of harm's way (and out of one's hair).
mkirksmith, Dec 10 2001

Velcro Adults http://www.funaddicts.com/wall.htm
I'm sure most are familiar with the grown-up version. [bristolz, Dec 10 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       You're right. I'd completely forgotten about that sport. I suppose you could have a sport with a total velcro wall and the winner is the one who throws the babies up the farthest (OK, now it's like dwarf throwing).
mkirksmith, Dec 10 2001

       Alternative: a padded hamster-wheel style cage.
reensure, Dec 10 2001

       If they're in a creche, they're already out of the way. Just put them all in a big pit so they can't escape.
angel, Dec 10 2001

       angel: and add some snakes just to be sure.
pottedstu, Dec 10 2001

       Works for me!
angel, Dec 10 2001

       Someone States side put several babies at a day care center on a wall with Duct Tape. Said it looked funny. They got sued by the parents, got fired, and got jail time. Just something to think about if you venture to make this.
barnzenen, Dec 10 2001

       that's terrible that someone got time for sticking babies to the wall - that sounds hysterical. How about a whole velcro suit and a velcro ceiling then they could crawl around up there so you don't accidentally step on them.
notripe, Dec 10 2001

       So it's ok to hang babies by springs from door-frames, but not to duct tape them to the wall? What's the world coming to?
pottedstu, Dec 10 2001


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