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Toe Nail Targets Olympics

a once a year contest
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To enter Toe Nail Targets Olympics, one needs long toe-nails. This is why contestants must grow their toe-nails for a full year, prior to each event.

The rules of the game are simple. A sticky target with a numbered scoring system like dart boards is set up. Each contestant paints their toe nails in a different colour, so that they can be easily identified. Each contestant gets twenty shots ie two clips for each nail. If no-one hits the target in the first round, it is moved a lot closer.

Extra points are awarded for style, and artistic impression. eg contestants may "shoot" from contorted yoga poses.

xenzag, May 25 2010


       have you researched how long it takes a toenail to become an in-growing nail? I imagine this can differ from person to person.
po, May 25 2010

       I'm afraid my research in this area is rather slight. Are you an expert with whom I could call upon for a consultation re nail growth rates etc?
xenzag, May 25 2010

       I'm hardly an expert on anything much except inner city parakeets and pigeons.
po, May 25 2010

       Do you clip their nails?
xenzag, May 25 2010

       why would I do that? however saying that, I quite like to paint them garish colours. are we alone on this one? :)
po, May 25 2010

       Ah, that explains why what I thought were pink flamingos I saw the other day looked so darn short- legged!
RayfordSteele, May 25 2010

       //I quite like to paint them garish colours// Wait, what? Do you have pictures?
mouseposture, May 25 2010


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