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Yo-yo Mileage Readout
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In my line of work, I do a great deal of yo-yoing. Not that the job requires it, you understand, but it's basically the most productive thing I can do with my time without compromising my integrity. (I work in retail). Anyway, my yo-yo suffered an accident the other day wherein the string broke suddenly and the yo-yo rolled along the floor in a spectacular albeit dangerous out-of-control trajectory. We can't have that in the Harper's Lineage (or is it Sharker Skimmage?).

The problem could be solved by the introduction of an odometer into the housing of the yo-yo. By counting the spins of the instrument, one could predict when the string needs replacing and avoid potentially dangerous mishaps. As an added bonus, I'd know when I was in danger of getting carpal tunnel syndrome and when it was time to switch to a Slinky for a few hours.

Additionally, the yo-yo could rate my abilities and tell me what I'm doing wrong. Granted, the current yo-yo is highly evolved for a novelty, but there is always room for improvement. Of course, the Mark II would have a speedometer as well, along with a GPS, and an altimeter, so it would know down to the microsecond when it was time to stop descending and wind back up again.

Eventually I'd like to see a wireless yo-yo, so I woudln't have a string chafing my finger all the time.

It's really hard to keep my hands out of my pockets for 8 hours at a time.

OJCIT, Jun 06 2005

Baked http://translate.go...system%2Frpm%2Ehtml
[Worldgineer, Jun 06 2005]


       But, but ... wouldn't it be called the yoyometer?
bristolz, Jun 06 2005

       Oh. Not at all what I expected this is.
jutta, Jun 06 2005

       Something Lucas-ish?
bristolz, Jun 06 2005

       Hmmm... nice idea, but you'd have to be careful. If the measurement mechanism absorbs too much rotational energy, it will make for a less enjoyable yoyo - more damping of the spin.   

       But how can I argue with the concept?   

       ([jutta] - had the same sort of thought, but with no idea as to what the detail could possibly be...)
Detly, Jun 06 2005

       Ha ha! Bun for //Eventually I'd like to see a wireless yo-yo, so I woudln't have a string chafing my finger all the time.//
wagster, Jun 06 2005

       You sound like a shoplifter's dream, OJ. If playing with a yo-yo is "the most productive thing " you can think of to do while working in a retail store I suggest you try a different line of work, like speed bump or crash-test dummy. (Sorry if I have offended any speed bumps or crash-test dummies!)   

       The idea of metering toy devices is not new. Some stores sell a baseball that will, when caught, display how fast you have thrown it. But I suppose you deserve some credit for creativity, just not an entire bun.   

       bris, isn't a yoyometer what they use to clock cellists?
Canuck, Jun 06 2005

       No, that's a yoyomameter or the smaller, right-wrist mounted and accelerometer-based yoyomabowmometer.
bristolz, Jun 06 2005

       Good idea the wireless yoyo is. Suprisingly uninvolved In this idea I am.
daseva, Jun 06 2005

       Just don't try and stick in some sort of yodeling component. That might offend some.
blissmiss, Jun 06 2005

       So, it's metric then?   

       I don't, but I wish I did.
wagster, Jun 06 2005

       I thought this pertained to "star wars", and the recording of geekishness attached thereto.
crater, Jun 06 2005

       My favorite Yoda quote ?   

       "Cute naked, you are..."
normzone, Jun 06 2005

       Heh, working in retails sounds a bit boring, especially during the day when most people are at work and there are mostly only women with little kids, or elderly people (sorry to generalise, but for the most part, it's true...).   

       I bought a Gameboy game yesterday, brand new too, except I found that one of the staff had probably got bored and started playing it for himself. I found it hilarious, so next time I see this 'Colin' character, I better tell him what happened to his source of entertainment (he clocked up 29 hours or so on it, the little clock in the cart says...).
froglet, Jun 06 2005


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