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Unified Clothing Kit

Duplicate clothing store.
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I heard once that Albert Einstein had identical clothing for everyday of the week. That he always wore exactly the same thing because he did not want to waste time thinking about what to wear each day. This is however not true?

Anyhow would love to purchase clothing as a 5-7day kit for a flat rate.

Would love to mix it up by season, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall kit. That would be enough variety for me.

vfrackis, Apr 20 2009


       I don't see the idea here: you mean that clothing stores should carry more than one of any given item ? most do.
FlyingToaster, Apr 20 2009

       the idea is basically a store that passes a volume discount on to the customer if they buy 7 of everything identical at once.   

       lets say you would normally spend $1000 to buy 7 days worth of different clothing to mix and match now you can spend $500 and purchase 7 days of identical clothing.   

       big savings and jettison fashion headaches
vfrackis, Apr 20 2009

       Most stores offer that kind of discount already, even Hugo Boss.
loonquawl, Apr 21 2009

       alright Bigsleep 5 years..... thanks for the bun   

       Hugo is not my Boss
vfrackis, Apr 21 2009

       Yes, it's good. My oldest item of clothing which i still wear regularly is now twenty-seven years old. You're also saving wear and tear. Seven identical outfits are each only lasting less than a year to last five years. Or do you mean seven times five? I could be buried in that. I'm even seriously considering it.
People do often already buy two of the same thing. The other issue is, aren't people going to start saying you're stuck in a rut?
nineteenthly, Apr 21 2009

       Personally, I would never do this, but the idea is OK for those who like to be boring dressers, I suppose. []
xandram, Apr 21 2009

       "Get Stuck in the Rut"   

       perfect name for the chain. nineteenthly excellent!   

       also boring can be an experience that we all need for a time.
vfrackis, Apr 21 2009


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