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Toilet Tissue Delivery Drop

For when you run out
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A hinged delivery window is mounted on the washroom door, making it easy for someone to pass you a fresh roll. Includes a small, electric buzzer for alerting people to your trouble in a discrete manner.
spiraliii, Mar 14 2007

Ceiling Cat http://www.ceilingcat.com
How can I concentrate with those staring eyes upon me? [gnomethang, Mar 14 2007]

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       Alternatively, train ceiling cat to hand you a roll, from above. It's not like he hasn't seen it all before already.
calum, Mar 14 2007

       Ceiling Cat? Is he a friend of yours calum?
zen_tom, Mar 14 2007

       More like a familiar.
calum, Mar 14 2007

       Yay!! Ceiling Cat!
(Cei ling Cat the left)
gnomethang, Mar 14 2007

       <dawns> Oh! Ceiling Cat!
zen_tom, Mar 14 2007


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