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Tollz on Wheelz

Reduced waiting time at tolls
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Toll booths on highways are concrete immovable structures. The toll booth should be moveable. It can be on rails, say for 100 or 200 meter of tracks. As our vehicle moves towards booth, the booth also moves towards our vehicle. Hence reducing travel time. Such engagement will help to clear especially if the traffic piles up big time. If the booth has moved from one end to other end, it can quickly move back to its initial position. The booth can move back and forth as required and suitable for the situation.

If the booth is moving, we see a green light on it. If booth comes to halt, red light is on. So if a vehicle is very close to the booth, the vehicle driver will know whether he should move or wait for booth to come closer.

ravi kris334, Jun 21 2013


       That way, you can count money in your lap whilst still driving your car... much more fun than the current system. Bun for you.
Kansan101, Jun 21 2013

       I thought it was gonna be cyclists that, if they could catch you, could ticket you... this'd work, bun.
FlyingToaster, Jun 21 2013

       I would suggest a set of toll booths that rotate on two great wheels, like a ferris wheel but flat, or like a tank tread. It would rotate at the speed of traffic. Several on the top and bottom. They can service multiple cars at once before being whisked up to the top side.
Voice, Jun 21 2013

       You got it the wrong way round.   

       The toll drives ALONG next to your car, if you pay it early enough you don't even have to reduce your speed.   

       Anyway in Israel there is no pay at the toll, just a camera. And everybody pays. It works perfectly.   

       ... To my regret, it ruined a lot of our natural resources, and completely demolished two ancient archaeological sites. (that's not a website, that's real history) I still don't ride it, but it seems I'm the only one left.
pashute, Jun 24 2013

       I think this might cause more accidents.
xandram, Jun 26 2013

       I'm with [voice] on this one. Why not vertical ferris wheels, the road can dip in a shallow arc to extend the time alongside the booth. A spike can be deployed if you don't pay quickly enough, to lift the car up and over the top of the wheel, giving you leisure to argue about how much change you are owed, and then you can be deposited back on the road as the wheel comes down the other side. This way you can have three wheels side by side for a four lane motorway.
pocmloc, Jun 26 2013


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