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fast track

Why fast track doesn't work and how to correct it.
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Fast track, a new idea to facilitate traffic on toll bridges by allowing cars to pay tolls with an electric transponder, has not lived up to its promise. Traffic has gotten worse instead of better. The reason is that the toll on the bridges where fast track is causing the jam are collected on the side of the bridge accepting traffic rather than the side that is getting off the bridge. The fast track only takes away lanes for cars to go through and still requires the traffic to merge into the few lanes available on the bridge. If it were collected on the end of the bridge where traffic left the bridge, the lanes are added. More booths could be built and no reduction of the toll booths would occur.
dblachman, Jan 04 2001


       Before: Emergency|Commuter|Common|Common|Merge

At Gates: Toll| Exact Change| Fast Track| Toll| Toll| Exact Change

It's not called FastTrack here and it has two huge problems: There's no way to tell what lane you're in from a kilometer away-the approach is like driving onto a football field. The presence of giant vehicles assures you see nothing at any angle.
reensure, Jan 05 2001

       Peter: I've always said the north has class. Not because Truman took a taxi home from DC, either.

If I lived there I'd probably not be asking how you find the night life.
reensure, Jan 05 2001

       I don't know why we have 2 pay on bridges anyway but I am only 14
GreeboMaster, Sep 29 2001

       going on 94
po, Sep 29 2001

       Make it nationwide (US) and then were talking. US-Pass for every state so on a cross-country trip, you don't have to worry if your pass is going to work.
UhhOK, Jan 07 2002

       Ah, now I know to stay out of New York and New Jersey.
phoenix, Jan 07 2002


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