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Tongshot for Mad Scientists

And anyone else who wants one
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A problem with being a mad scientist is the fire hazard. You pick up a chemical in a test tube, pour and mix it with another chemical in another test tube, then pick that test tube up and watch it for any changes. And then it bursts into flame right in front of your face. Or you run away as fast as you can, trying to escape the giant fireball from the new high-explosive you've created.

Enter the Tongshot.

Almost a regular pair of tongs, these are fitted with a rubber-ish heat-resistant slingshot, with which you can trigger in the case of needing to be far away from your hazardous-material filled test tube, flinging them far away into a sink, or at a rival mad scientist/horrible lab assistant who needs punishing.

DesertFox, Feb 15 2006


       You'd have to shoot it before it explodes, when it looks as if it might explode. Many madsters would be shooting compounds which wouldn't have exploded, but do explode when they mix with other chemicals from previous shots in the sink. Best bet is to shoot it at a rival scientist, for the sake of recording accurate observations.
Shz, Feb 15 2006

       In your above anno,I somehow read //Many madsters would be shooting compounds which wouldn't have exploded,// as "Many hamsters would have exploded" - due to my screen resolution. I would have snorted milk out my nose, had I not just finished drinking a second ago.
DesertFox, Feb 15 2006

       [DesertFox] - I read part of your annotation as "due to my screen resolution, I would have snorted milk out my nose" - "Change your screen resolution then, you idiot", I thought.
hippo, Feb 15 2006

       I can't help thinking that a tongshot is some kind of porn for metal workers...
DrCurry, Feb 15 2006

       Why is it that only milk gets snorted through the nose? Why not other liquids?
discontinuuity, Feb 15 2006

       <hardly related aside> what happened to the [Scad_Mientist] I wonder? </hra>
jonthegeologist, Feb 15 2006

       [jtg] You're right, where'd he go?   

       //Why is it that only milk gets snorted through the nose? Why not other liquids?//   

       Ouch. That happens to other liquids. Soda burns, it really burns. Can you imagine what something like bourbon would feel?
DesertFox, Feb 15 2006

       I see your bourbon and raise you vodka-laced vomit... teenage stomachs are touchy...
bs0u0155, Apr 19 2012

       I'm throwing my money at the screen but nothing is happening.   


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