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You're talking too close LEDs

Please sir, maintain a confortable distance
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Don't you just hate it when you're with one of those people that have to speak right in your face? A proximity detector attached to a traffic-light color coded three LED set would warn such people of this inconvenience. This device would also include a loudspeaker with some automatic messages:

3 secs on red-light: "Sir/Madam, you are making me unconfortable. Please step back a little."
7 secs on red-light: "I've already asked politely to step back..."
12 secs on red-light: " *shouting* You stupid motherf****, step away from my face or I'll kick your sorry little ass from here to the West Indies!!!"

While the messages were playing you could keep your friendly face in cases like bosses or something.

PauloSargaco, Sep 15 2003

you're talking too loud LED http://www.halfbake..._20too_20loud_20LED
Based on this idea's title [PauloSargaco, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I just have a panic attack and start screaming. Then I take lots of ativan and klonopin and sleep.
Katt, Sep 15 2003

       essential for mobile phones "please speak away from the microphone", "hang up imminent" +
converted, Feb 26 2004

       20 secs on red-light: small tranquillizer dart shoots out and the space-invader slumps quietly to the floor.
wagster, Dec 21 2004

       what makes it worse is that sometimes the have really bad breath too.I know this guy who always the smell of peabut butter or fish on his breath.
**I pine for a breathmint**
andrew1, May 06 2005


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