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Top Five Bad Odor List

Know what odor other's hate the most, and be prepared
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This should be as normal as like asking for someone's favourite thing's to do. If you're getting to know each other, a part of the proces should be telling each other the Top 5 Bad Odor List, so you will be prepared and be able to avoid nasty situations.

1. the cheap, pink chewing gum smell

2. the "I just ate peanut butter" smell

3. the unavoidable garlic smell

4. the "I've been BBQ-ing tonight but you were not there" smell

5. the swimming-pool smell

BartJan, Dec 16 2001


       1. Flatulence   

       2. The "I just came from a party where everyone smoked" smell   

       3. The unavoidable garlic smell   

       4. Potent parmesan chese   

       5. Morning breath   

       I don't know if all five should be revealed at once. Could be used in the future against you.
bluerowan, Dec 17 2001

       Ok, this may not look like an actual invention, but if you look at it as something that should be part of culture, it could be interpreted as a new ritual.. (?)
BartJan, Dec 17 2001

       1. Napalm in the morning
2. Teen spirit
3. Inscensitivity
4. You know that smell that seeps from every pore of every living thing around you and even sometimes the rocks, on an evil dawn in the subtropics as the four horsemen of apoplexy ride in thunderous clouds across the sky, streaming behind them the entrails of every glove that laid you down or cut you till you cry out in your shame, "I am leaving, I am leaving," but the odor still remains? That smell.
5. I like all other scents, thank you.
beauxeault, Dec 17 2001

       1. Fear
2. Sin
3. Money
4. Success
5. actually, I've forgotten whether I'm listing smells I hate,
or smells I love to hate,
or smells I hate the fact that I love them.
Hmmm, quite interchangeable.
lewisgirl, Dec 17 2001

       I didn't realise you knew my ex-husband, blueraven - small world
po, Dec 17 2001

       1. #4 + Linguica + Fried Pork Rinds + Beer + Kim Chee

2. #4 + Linguica + Fried Pork Rinds + Beer

3. #4 + Kim Chee

4. Flatulence Of The Great Unwashed

5. The Great Unwashed

These are some of the things I can live without
thumbwax, Dec 18 2001

       We don't need no steenkin' flatulence!
DrBob, Dec 18 2001

       1= parmesan cheese & vomit (or a combination)   

       3 rotting flesh   

       4 old potato peelings   

       5= rotten eggs & old man sweat
Helium, Dec 18 2001

       Apparently Cambozola Blue Brie smells very much like semen.
lewisgirl, Dec 19 2001

       1) B.O. 2)sulfer 3)beets 4)polyurithane 5)rotten garbage/flesh
jimithing, Dec 19 2001

       Hey, some of us are trying to eat!
RobGraham, Dec 20 2001

       1) dead things in summer
2) Port-a-potties at horse shows
3) Smells that come from people --- too many to list
4) Most perfumes
5) burning rubber
Susen, Dec 20 2001

       1) burned cat
2) what comes out of a milk carton after it has sat in the fridge for about 1 1/2 years (yeah, I've done it a couple of times, don't ask)
3) what comes out of a 2-months dead corpse when it is squeezed
4) diesel exhaust 5) apple bubble gum
quarterbaker, Dec 20 2001

       quarterbaker: I'd actually be more inclined to ask about no. 3 on your list...
snarfyguy, Dec 21 2001

       Or number one. Burnt cat hair is right up there. I have one cat likes to sniff lit candles, his whiskers are getting awfully short.
bluerowan, Dec 21 2001

       So, what does come out of the corpse, and where did you squeeze?
lewisgirl, Dec 21 2001

       [qb] you seriously worry me sometimes
po, Dec 21 2001

       BartJan, let me get this straight. You think that bubblegum is the worst odor in the world, worse than feces or rotting corpses?
mrthingy, Dec 21 2001

       Oooh, gotcha! Actually, I never said it was a human corpse now, did I? Granted, that was sort of implied, but still....

It was a deer carcass. It was squeezed by my vehicle's tires, while driving "off-road," in circumstances that prevented rapid escape from the odorous emanations. What came out, all over the place, was gooey and crawly and quite colorful.

The burned cat thing has happened a few times, too. Once was when I came across an animal shelter that was on fire. I broke in and tried to put out the fire, couldn't do so, and ended up evacuating all of the animals. Fortunately, there were no fatalities or serious injuries, but a few cats got burned a bit.

mrthingy - I took the list as #1=worst, #5=least worst. And I specified apple bubble gum. Other flavors are OK.
quarterbaker, Dec 21 2001

       Sorry, qb. I was referring to BartJan's original list.
mrthingy, Jan 11 2002


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