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Top Five Deck of Cards (Money)

52 Cards each list the richest, largest, fastest, most expensive, etc.
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Similar to "World Leader Trading Cards" but more money oriented.

These would be over-sized playing cards. With the names of the top five whatever s in large type. Estimate and date. And website or bar code for more info.

So each card would have about 15 lines of type.

King Diamonds Richest man Queen Diamonds Richest Woman Jack Diamonds Richest under 30 years

King Spades Largest Farm Queen Spades Largest home

Queen Hearts largest Cosmetic Company

Jack Clubs Biggest Four wheel drive vehicle

And so on

You would buy the yearly deck.

Or You buy the deck and an update service that would print on demand single cards when the data changes.

Some of the tabloid magazine / business magazines specialize in this kind voyeurism, so the data should not be too hard to get.

If needs be it could expand to double deck 104 cards plus a dozen jokers.

"I imagine sitting around the old folks home playing cards with three year old used set of these cards, and seething with jealousy." Pop Botellio

popbottle, Jun 15 2014




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