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Top Hat Trebucket

Top up top hat- with walnuts.
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Upholster several rubber bands, a tea-strainer, joke imprinted ice cream sticks,several plates of meccano and a pulley and arft cogs.

Graft and meld together these ingredients within the "Top Hat" to enable - "Elevation and Flip-lid" (hat trick)< oil for faster hat vigour> (34 walnuts, max) Hat brim colour options: (low tech) Black through White.

Once assembled, (don)tug the ruby counterweighted pulley hat rim string.

Good for knocking off bobbies helmets and slinging walnuts for the parrots at feeding time.

skinflaps, May 29 2005

cat apult http://www.newton.m...tapult_history.html
[po, May 29 2005]

Could you use one of these? trebuchet_20smash
[Susan, May 31 2005]


po, May 29 2005

       Sounds more like a catapult anyway.
st3f, May 29 2005

       did they use cats?
po, May 29 2005

       sp: trebuchet.   

       Although the Top Hat Tree Bucket is a novel idea, too...
moomintroll, May 29 2005

       Who is Max? Why are you writing to him here? What language is that?
baconbrain, May 30 2005

       Trebucket - >OLD<   

       n : medieval artillery used during sieges; a heavy war engine for hurling large stones and other missiles.   


       (who's Max?) pfffzzz..
skinflaps, May 30 2005

       aka Hat-apult?
nick_n_uit, May 31 2005

       For more open warfare, install a small telescopic flagpole that will raise your heraldic flag from the hat-top while the lid-flip is up.
wagster, May 31 2005

       How about a trebouquet for launching bunches of flowers at opera singers?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 31 2005

       [AWOL] - I think you just gave [UB] an idea...
wagster, May 31 2005

       [wags] Yeah, I know, but he couldn't make up a decent pun for his. Nor, come to mention it, could I.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 31 2005


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