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Toroidal Leslie Nuclear Sound

Eight tweeters on a two foot diameter circle's circumference, spin and lock on a centre point every rotation.
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Eight speakers are installed in the ends of Coca Cola cans. Eight mini-tape drives with exposed flywheels are mounted around the circumference of a two foot diameter hard foam ring. The eight speakers are glued at ninety degrees to one inch diameter tubes, then to the flywheel axis. Pulsed DC varies the speed. Optical sensors can sync them. The eight speakers have their own amps inside and sound photo pickups on top of the cans. Getting DC noislessly, to the cans is a bit of a problem. The whole assembly spins on a turntable as well. This is ninety per cent constructed but it stopped at the DC mechanical noise point.

I realize now that the one inch diameter tube must be the armature of a generator and be surrounded by the other generator coils to come up with @6volts for the MOS fet amp in the pop cans.

mensmaximus, Dec 22 2004

I think I've figured out what you're talking about: http://users.chario...hammond.html#hamles
Scroll down just a bit on that page for an animated image of a "Leslie". [Amos Kito, Dec 23 2004]

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       Fantastic! I would love to bun this idea, but unfortunately I will have to hold your croissant to ransom until I see a photo of the ninety percent contructed contraption. A link would be best, but if that's too hard, just email it to me.
wagster, Dec 22 2004

       [wagster], the foam circle and mounted decks are seven hours away and have to wait for a few weeks to be delivered here. No digital cameras in this hokey little town yet, I'll see. Some songs sound super on a Leslie. It's funny to see them spinning because the axis is right at the speakers practically and the whole light rear ends of the cans are flying aroung easily. [El Dorado Jr.], There is a head piece that goes with this but it honestly needs a face mask grill as part of it. [Tabs], I think I need 6 volts 250 -500 ma. I have a small panel, I'll check it's output.
mensmaximus, Dec 23 2004

       Leslies are super cool. I looked inside one once....looked like some kind of dual disk assembly, with the bottom input stable, and the top output rotary disk dragging some kind of brushes for signal / power conduction....truly a halfbaked invention.
normzone, Dec 23 2004

       What's wrong with a slip ring and some power filtering? Also, what do the tape drives do? And I think I need a diagram to understand how everything is mounted.
notexactly, Sep 28 2019


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